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XX The Aeon/Judgment

“The Spirit of Primal Fire; The Splendor of the Material World”

What is the difference between rising and resurrection? How is the Aeon/Judgment different than Death since they both indicate rebirth? 673 more words

Pop Pop

A pop pop is someone that not every girl is fortunate enough to have. I was one of those girls. Even though I have a living grandparent on either side, they were never your typical grandparents. 911 more words



Death is a pest to mankind
A denominator between mortality and immortality
Death is a sting
And grave its strength

At death heroes are villain… 124 more words


Did Jesus really rise from the dead?

Yesterday¬†morning while I was reading through the end of the book of Mark I was really struck by 3 words. The three words I read were out of the final chapter in Mark’s gospel account and it is what the angel told Mary at the tomb when she came looking for Jesus’ dead body. 683 more words


The Alternative

So what is the alternative to hyping the next church event?

I have two.

1. Just participate in what ever it is God has called you to do. 109 more words

This week's progressive Christian Bible study: Romans chapter seven

Struggling With Sin

Today’s lesson will take up where we left off last week at the end of Romans chapter 6. Today we’ll tackle chapter seven in my continuing series of Bible studies on the writings of the apostle Paul. 2,829 more words


Memorial Day Changes...

As you know I am a military brat from a military family whose service can be traced back to the Civil War. Since then there has been at least one if not many more of my family involved in every conflict/war the US has been involved in. 485 more words