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Raised me

When I traveled unfamiliar territory
When I trod on sinking sand
When the grave beckoned for my soul
When I fell into a deep sleep… 153 more words

Psalms Of Bukkie

At a loss......

I try to make it a point to blog a couple times a week. Some people are interested in what I’m up to plus it lets me get some things off my chest and bounce some ideas around through the web-log world. 177 more words


I am two «mes».
Have you ever thought that there was a you once upon a time and without realizing it slowly and slyly another you started taking over your body; Invading it and before you realized it, the old you was gone, perhaps I’d even go as far as saying: the first you had died. 172 more words


Unity and The Church of Corinth: A Guide of What Not to Do

Written by Travis

Edited and approved by Prince Jay

Yes our nicknames are inside jokes you won’t understand, unless you know us personally.


I am going to quote almost entirely from 1 Corinthians. 1,985 more words


I am the Resurrection and the Life.

Aim: is to help the readers to connect to the transformative and supernatural power of Jesus Christ, the resurrection Power, to increase in their faith in Jesus Christ and be encouraged. 1,920 more words


Scripted Sunday: This I Believe

This morning in church it was so wonderful to be led in worship by the kids worship band. Their young voices (none of them yet at high school) were equally talented and genuine. 65 more words