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Classic Outback #4

This is the fourth in a series of pictures which portray classical aspects of Outback scenery.

One of the delightful things about the Outback is the gentle, quirky humour that tends to pop up, often in quite unexpected ways and places. 111 more words

A Rest Stop Once Known For Prostitution Is Now Famous For Its Poisonous Snakes, Because FLORIDA

Despite what maps and history books tell us, I still find it hard to believe Florida is part of the U.S. and not actually some kind of mythical twilight zone. 241 more words

Web Culture

From the Sky

Two men stand next to two cars in a grey rest area along an empty, grey interstate, under angry, grey clouds.  They breathe humid, grey air.   464 more words


[EVENT]Berantas Buta Huruf Qur'an

Iqro’ bismirobbikalladzii kholaq
Bacalah dengan (menyebut) nama Rabb-mu yang menciptakan.
Dia telah menciptakan manusia dari segumpal darah.
Bacalah, dan Tuhanmulah Yang Maha Pemurah. … 309 more words

Rest Area

[REPORT]Karena Rasa Cinta dan Sayang Mestilah Berekspresi

“Hai para gadis, mau ga nih tak kasih permen?” Tanyaku
“Mauuu… mauuu… mauuu…!” Jawab mereka serentak
“Nih, ambil salah satu?” Sambil kusodorkan kedua tanganku ke mereka… 454 more words

Rest Area