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Well-Earned Rest Day

Ahhh, rest day. I know that some athletes talk about how they’re climbing the walls on rest days and can’t sit still, not me. I can fully appreciate and embrace the power of a rest day. 299 more words


Listening To Your Body

It has been four days since I went for a run – outside or on the treadmill. I had a rough night at work on Thursday night and when I got off from work – I pounded out one hell of a work out at the gym. 322 more words

Yesterday's hard....is definitely today's, not-so-hard.

Took a little jaunt on the bike today, venturing out into the city. Fabric softener, grills cooking meat, fresh cut grass, animals, honeysuckle, dinner being cooked in the houses as I passed by, were just some of the smells that I experienced while out and about. 166 more words

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!! It has been a PACKED weekend! Today is rest day (along with more cooking and baking) so why not write a blog post! 770 more words

Beer, Bath, Bed!

The holy trinity of a day spend mostly



Sunday Picture Post

Well, happy Easter, everyone! I hope that you have a wonderful resurrection day. If you are a Christian, he is alive! If you’re not a Christian… well, that may or may not make sense. 23 more words

Rest. Recovery. Results.

So, there’s all this media and information out there telling you to exercise, be active, get your workout in, etc. And whether that motivates you or not, it is important to recognize that being healthy does not stop after you finish a set, or after you leave the gym. 728 more words

Exercise Tips