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A Lovely Rest Day, Thursday 8/28

This is why I need to blog everyday, otherwise I cannot for the life of me remember what happens each day.  If you asked me what I did last Thursday, I would stare at you while I try and rack my brain for clues.   385 more words

How much is "too much"?

That’s a great question. How much is the magical, perfect amount of time for one to not only rest physically, but rest the mind and the spirit? 555 more words

Rest Day

My day off has been really really relaxing compared to how my days usually look. I watched a movie, Hancock, in the middle of the day… 150 more words


Sunday Picture Post

Welcome to the glorious day! … …You know, the day that I got to see the first two episodes of the new Dr. Who series… …why? 34 more words

Writing In Life

But why is the rum gone?

After jolting awake at 8.30am (a spider crawled across my head) it seemed like a good idea to get up – after all everyone else had been up for a while (crazy kids). 946 more words

I Am Africa

The Importance of Rest

I woke up this morning at 7:10AM feeling tired and sore. I went back to sleep expecting to get up at the next alarm and get my ass to the gym, but I somehow slept through it and woke up at 7:53AM. 253 more words


Getting back on track.

Since we got married on Saturday, I think there are a few days in there that I haven’t run or worked out.  Friday, before I drove down for the rehearsal and the night before the wedding, I managed to sneak in a short run, but Saturday, the day of, and Sunday, not only did I not run, I ate like I had never seen food before in my life. 372 more words