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Sleeping in

Good Morning,

I am trying to get into a relationship with a girl, but it has its ups and down. I could not sleep yesterday. The ideas in my head were so volatile, from the worst to the best scenarios were being played out. 130 more words

Marathon Training

Does Superman Take a Rest Day?

What is the true physical limit of the human body?  As an active individual I like to humor myself by proclaiming its capabilities limitless, but we all know this is a farce, and no matter how superman-like we feel after leaving the gym, we eventually need to take a pause for recovery. 385 more words


Day 8 of 30 day ab challenge (rest day)

Yesterday was a rest day for both my t25 and my ab challenge and I still managed over 10,000 steps I love sharing my stats with you I just hope going into week 2 I am better than week one I cant be bothered chasing my tail I just want to nail this every week especially during this time of year to be honest tis the season to eat get fat and jolly is just not my bag anymore I dont want to eat a pile of crap and drink myself stupid and regret it afterwards here is to trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle all year round!


Small portions food diary day

So today has been pretty carby but I had small portions today of everything, cant wait to pay day this was all I had available really and I always take a school dinner every day at the moment because it works out cheaper for me to do so at the moment, it wasnt a lot really portion size wise and I had some camomile tea in between, it was also a t25 and ab challenge rest day after 6 days in a row of mega exercise woop! 130 more words

Food Diary

Resting today

The calendar says today I do cross training, I did more than I should have this weekend and yes it was worth it. My legs are very sore even though I stretched yesterday after the 11 mile run. 18 more words

Marathon Training

Day 6 – 5th World Kabaddi Cup 2014 – Dec. 12th – Rest Day

Day 6 of 5th Kabaddi World Cup 2014 is a rest day, but we will be publish BEST matches so far from the World Cup on our website. 58 more words

World Kabaddi Cup 2014