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Daily Bible Verse I am reflecting on today

About Benjamin He said “Let the beloved of The Lord rest secure in Him, for He shields Him all day long, and the one The Lord loves rests between His shoulders”. 43 more words

Daily Scriptures

Explain the Json Format in Android

array is bracket [ ] , json object is { }

two types of arrangements are available in json string format.. we need to understand the json format, then only, we are able to… 43 more words

Every Mommy Needs a Break

If you’re like me you go from the time the alarm goes off until it’s time to crawl into bed again. Believe me there are mornings I wish I could simply crawl right back into bed once the alarm sounds. 459 more words


PA, PAD, Day 16, Prompt: Elegy

Into Our Eyes

“For you, from me:
Looking deeply
We see
We did
Not blink,
We smiled, laughed
Love, H.

by Kor!An,CCA-SA-3.0

Stopping for the one

It’s too easy for us to go through life tunnel visioned or in a little bubble, oblivious to most if not all of the need that surrounds us on a daily basis.   442 more words


April 16, 1924

Wed., 16   Cool. Work upstairs, for Dumas to clean (sic). She works in the girls’ rooms. Go after dinner to Marie Warners’ to a D.A.R. meeting. 36 more words


It's been some months...

I quit work. 

I was on sick leave since Sept/Oct and was supposed to return to work in March. February came by and I simply couldn’t see myself ready to work. 374 more words