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Three For Labor Day (2014)

1. Rest.
2. Family.
3. Barbecue.
And in between-
A bit of fun, to be seen.


No, it's 3 AM.. in the morning..

I knew it was going to be one of those nights. I can almost tell now based on how she acts right before I put her to bed. 295 more words

That’s the factory whistle. The shift is over.

The best thing you and I can do at the end of the writing day is to stash our work gloves in our locker, hang our leather apron on a hook, and head for the workshop door. 70 more words


My Internet World: How to Work Smart, Not Hard

Many believe that working smart is something that lazy people came up with so that they don’t have to work hard. Well, I’m not going to say much. 15 more words

Simple Business Talk

Jesus Tweeting ... Prisoner

Don’t waste time thinking about things you can’t control. This makes you a prisoner of your own mind. Give your thoughts to Me.

Jesus Tweeting

Putting Rest to the Test

In a few minutes I’m going to throw my stuff into some bags and put it in the car. I’m moving out from the place that’s been my home base for the past month. 377 more words

Rough Life

Image: Princess Cut by Farrukh.

The earth was friendly and consistent, even as its denizens tunneled into it. I was awoken from a pleasant slumber by a pounding chisel attached to a jackhammer. 394 more words

Flash Fiction