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Taking Time to Rest

Sorry for the sporadic posts recently…I’ve been on the move yet again. And I guess that I’m writing about what I’ve learned (or been reminded of) in this time. 140 more words

Life Lessons

Hinds feet on High Places

There is something to the echoing sound
Of birds song resounding off
Encircling wilderness branches
That sets my soul to roost
High above the fallen decaying leaves… 87 more words


Testing RESTful services

But first of all… what are RESTful services?

REST is an architectural style consisting of a coordinated set of architectural constraints applied to components, connectors, and data elements, within a distributed hypermedia system. 385 more words


Really, really busy!

‘How’s your week been?’

‘Oh… good. Busy!’

It’s a common refrain in our fast-paced lives. Most people know it’s important to slow down and take a break sometimes, but busyness is worn like a badge of honour. 231 more words

Spiritual Growth And Healing

Why you shouldn't use cookies for Native Mobile Authentication

So, I finally decided to put up this post because internet search results seem to be limited on this topic. This is about using cookies as a form of authentication in native Mobile. 621 more words



There is a state of oblivion,

Unknown, unwanted, unseen yet haunting,

There is an eternity of wait,

A task inevitable yet inevitably daunting.

We lie in its shadow, 89 more words