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Here's what people are saying about McDonald's ousting its CEO

News broke on Wednesday that McDonald’s is ousting its CEO, Don Thompson, after sales continued to decline. The embattled CEO was the subject of a… 260 more words


McDonald's fixes its marketing, Chipotle fixes its product

During this winter’s NFL playoffs, you’ve undoubtedly witnessed a veritable blanketing of the airwaves by the McDonald’s corporation. After four straight quarters of declining sales and horrific losses of market share to competitors… 839 more words


Get Your Money Faster with Breadcrumb's Credit Card Batching Feature!

As a business owner, accepting credit cards is a costly convenience to offer customers. While customers typically spend more when they don’t need to track the amount they are spending with the cash in their pockets, credit card processors charge for the ability to accept cards. 337 more words

This woman brought foie gras to the U.S.

It’s shaping up to be a great year for Ariane Daguin.

In the first week of 2015, California overturned its restaurant ban on foie gras… 989 more words


Chipotle pulls pork from a third of its U.S. locations

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By Nolan Feeney, TIME

Chipotle won’t have pork at roughly a third of its restaurants… 128 more words


When bad decisions disguise themselves as good ones

This post is in partnership with Food & Wine for its#FoodWineWomen series, which spotlights top women in food and drink in collaboration with Toklas Society. 749 more words