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The Changing Politics of the Church of Christ

When you read the title of this post you probably thought it was another article about some controversial worship issue within the Churches of Christ. It’s not. 648 more words

Church Of Christ

Book Review - Hearing God's Voice (Tom Olbricht)

Tom Olbricht, Hearing God’s Voice: My Life with Scripture in the Churches of Christ (Abilene: ACU Press,1996).

I just finished writing my dissertation for my Doctor of Ministry degree. 835 more words


Church of Christ inconsistencies

Baptism: Regardless what the church of Christ says, we baptize EIS the remission of sins, too. However, we do not contend water to be the saving agent nor do we contend that water baptism is part of the plan of salvation.  291 more words

Church Of Christ

What Can We Learn From A Little Kansas Church?

In the late 1870s,  my great-grandfather and my and other family members were part of starting a new church in a small Kansas town.  They just called themselves Christians, and so the church was also called a Christian church.  826 more words


The Multi-Site Church and the Doctrine of the Church

In this lengthy post, Ted Bigelow critiques those who critique the multi-site church, by showing that bad ecclesiology makes it possible. He artfully calls all back to Scriptural church behaviour. 25 more words