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Musical Instruments

Is it sinful to singpraises to God while playing a piano, harp, etc.? If it is, please show me a scripture that teaches such. I have heard lots of talk, but I have yet to find someone who can quote me a scripture that shows this practice to be sinful. 532 more words

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Unity in Diversity

The problem with which we are dealing arises from lack of respect for the authority of the sacred scriptures. Nothing is clearer than the fact that we are enjoined by the written word to live in harmony with the brethren. 794 more words

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Book Review: When Helping Hurts

On the second Thursday of each month, I would like to share my thoughts about some of the books I have read recently that have impacted my life in meaningful ways. 52 more words


Finding Our Battles

Have you ever fought the wrong battle?

This past summer, just before I graduated with two Master’s degrees, I was having trouble with my lawnmower. It sputtered out on me and would not work. 497 more words


Why Be Baptized?

I remember, as a small lad, at the Church attended, baptism was a special event – a time when saved people would go to the local river and be baptized. 464 more words

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Can I be saved by saying a Sinners Prayer?

John offers 1000 bucks for anyone to show the sinners prayer in the Bible.  I bet its next to the Bible verse about the “invitation song” :-)

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Open Letter of Apology From Adults to Teenagers

Dear teenagers,

On behalf of adults everywhere, I want to apologize.

We have made your lives too busy. We remember our high school experience and the experiences of all of our friends and family members. 577 more words