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What Can We Learn From A Little Kansas Church?

In the late 1870s,  my great-grandfather and my and other family members were part of starting a new church in a small Kansas town.  They just called themselves Christians, and so the church was also called a Christian church.  826 more words


The Multi-Site Church and the Doctrine of the Church

In this lengthy post, Ted Bigelow critiques those who critique the multi-site church, by showing that bad ecclesiology makes it possible. He artfully calls all back to Scriptural church behaviour. 25 more words


"Play On, Miss Bertha"

By Roy C. Deaver


These words are sad words—some of the saddest ever uttered in all Restoration history. The dictionary says that “sad” means “…to be associated with sorrow.” Some words are sad because of their inherent connotations. 805 more words

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Bible Silence: Permissive or Prohibitive?

When the Bible is silent about something, is that thing permitted or prohibited?  This debate has been going on since at least the second century and differing views on it have been the cause of division among congregations of the Restoration Movement.  2,155 more words

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