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Those Unhelpful Labels!

What kind of Christian do you consider yourself? A liberal or conservative? Perhaps a progressive or traditionalist? Maybe you consider yourself a fundamentalist or one of those “spiritual but not religious” Christians. 488 more words

Kingdom Of God

My Name Is Paul And I Am An Alcoholic, Step 7

One Thursday each month I will share a post on one of the 12 Steps. This month is Step 7. Recovery is an area of life that 12 Step groups have done amazing work with, yet many churches (and other community groups) struggle with what to do. 1,172 more words


Christianity Has Over 5000 Denominations Sects

Christianity makes fun of Hinduism stating that Hinduism has innumerable Gods ans Sects.

Below is a list of Denominations of Christianity.

Click the Bold Alphabets to see the listed items under that. 764 more words


Is This How We Want to be Known?

Many of us folks in churches of Christ are peculiar people.

The problem is that, somewhere along our journey as a nondenominational nondenomination, too many of us have¬†embraced the misapprehension that we are not only called to be a peculiar people — called out from among those “other” folks in the world — but that we are the One True Church That Has Everything Right and therefore The Only Ones Going to Heaven which means that Everyone Else is Going to Hell. 903 more words

The Church As Christ