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4 Reasons Why Fall Can Be A Good Time For Your Job Search

Think hiring gets put on hold because the end of the year is near? Not true! Companies still hire, and some amp up their search. Here’s why: 442 more words


Alonzo Hydranksus

Alonzo Hydranksus
Contact: On the Roof

Clean every roof from here to Timbuktu. Maybe not that outrageous, but I certainly want to clean a lot of roofs. 211 more words


Suddenly Unemployed – Now what?

So you’ve just lost your job – whether it was your own choice or not, this can be a pretty daunting time.

Firstly and most importantly, don’t freak out. 971 more words


Importance of a good profile !

Masters abroad is becoming a fashion these days. While some genuinely wish to study further, others believe an abroad degree will fetch them quick bucks. Well, if this was the year 2000, I would have said probably ‘yes’. 1,417 more words


Your kidding, right? Part 2





Apparently I am not the only one who believes there is definitely something wrong with the way businesses select their employees nowadays.   943 more words

At the Library: Get a Job

Need to perk up a tired, out-of-date resume? Want to learn how to successfully navigate an interview? Like some suggestions on where to begin your job search? 290 more words

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