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Tom Brady Posted His Pre-Patriots Résumé On Facebook

Well before Gisele, the Super Bowl rings, and MVPs, Tom Brady was apparently just a regular dude, who worked at parks and golf courses. 195 more words


Idea 32: Consulting without Consultancies


The last decade has seen many industries enter a period of increasingly rapid change and ever faster corporate “boom and bust” cycles.Worldwide connectivity, increasing global lifespans, smart technologies, and information overload are just some of the drivers reshaping how we think about work and how we create value. 613 more words

The Biggest Resume Mistakes

Resumes are not an easy thing to create – especially not good ones. In fact, too many people overlook the importance of having an error-free resume, and don’t realize how damaging things like small fibs (or outright lies) on a resume can be to their career potential. 197 more words


Introduction for Success

Does your resume position you for success?  This is the time of year we review many resumes with new students joining us on campus.  One trend I have observed is the tendency to leave off the summary to make room for more job-related bullets.  302 more words


You're a Hard Worker, So What?

When you ask most professionals what their best quality is, typically, they will respond with some variation of “hard working.” Sometimes they will call it “dedicated” or “committed” or even “loyal,” but it pretty much all boils down to the fact that they think they work harder than other people do and that this should distinguish them in the minds of their employer. 654 more words

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