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Retail : From « Depot » Orientation To Marketing

Between the years 1919 and 1939 retailing dramatically changed from small-scale individual “proprietorships” to complex corporate enterprises. Retailers grew by size and market expansion. 228 more words


Retailing Theories

Looking at the context of retailing and its development, pop-up retailing has naturally developed under the existing influencing factors, and that can be adopted by retailers to serve or fill in the newly recognized needs of consumers. 468 more words


SAQ.com - Wines and spirits ecommerce

SAQ.com brings great advice to wine and sprits lovers. It immerses internet users into a lifestyle experience with delicious wine pairings, inspiring content about the different wines and spirits regions around the world, cocktails recipes, the latest arrivals, all in a powerful e-commerce platform with thousands of bottles to choose from.


Retail Strategy

SAQ Signature

SAQ Signature is now an invitation for wine enthusiast to discover the most prestigious wines and spirits.  

This new retail experience is based on a consumer journey strategy, rebranding and architecture.



Pop-up and Retailing

Brands have been working on the development of experiential hubs that help them come closer to their target audience.
Coming closer to the target audience also means going to where the customer is… 514 more words


History Of Retailing And The Retail Development

The evolution of retail formats shows that the development was due to the environmental factors and social factors that enticed retailers to shift to another format that is more relevant to the current times. 534 more words


M&S! Listen to your customers – you could start on the BBC!

The recent announcements by M&S that clothing sales are down for the 13th consecutive quarter surprise no one. There was talk of unseasonable weather in September combined with the well-rehearsed reasons ranging from strategic changes to fulfilment transformation. 582 more words