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Crocodile Shoes

Check out these beauties I bought today £12.99 from New Look.  They seem to be my shop of choice at the minute.  They are black with a mock croc effect.   37 more words

Retail Therapy

GOT: Yoga

Yoga. Yikes! It’s an ancient practice that’s been scaring the pants off Hindus for thousands of years. At newfangled exercise classes like CrossFit or Soulcycle, everyone is so busy keeping up with themselves that they don’t have time to look at anyone else. 374 more words


Is Fashion Your Passion?

Fall is in the air. And so is fashion. Just as my fall sweaters are beginning to scream for attention, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Michael Kors are parading their Spring/Summer 2015 designs at… 405 more words


Why retail therapy works

“When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping”

Retail therapy often provides us with an escape and relaxation. It gives us a new found assurance and makes the world a happier place (even if just for a little while).   234 more words


The Therapy Behind The Retail

I can squeeze every last drop of therapy from retail therapy. Especially the online kind. Here’s why it’s fairly harmless and here are its benefits (and this is a prime example of… 218 more words

What Women Want

Scarlet Pimpernel

So, I have been off work for the last week, allegedly to do some jobs in the house but I have ended up here, there and everywhere and doing anything but decorating.   196 more words

Retail Therapy

Travel Theme : Merchandise

A trip to Venice wouldn’t be complete without some retail therapy…and retail therapy Venetian style always involves Venetian masks of  all shapes and sizes.   Come have a look! 9 more words