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As middle shrinks, Metro targets grocery shoppers high and low

On Montreal’s South Shore, the suburb of Sainte-Julie appears to hold a glimpse into the future of the supermarket – if you can afford it. 441 more words


Retail Theater: When a store becomes the stage

Today, shopping is much more than a means to checking off our to-do lists.  It has become an experience, often called retail theater, and in some cases, customers are a part of the show. 326 more words


Retail Innovations 9: Global Retail Trends 2013 Part 9—Technology Intervention

Technology itself is not an innovation; what the technology enables customers to do is that which provides a glimpse of true innovation. There are marvelous examples of uses of technology providing consumers with more choice, more access and more information than ever before. 1,047 more words

Retail Innovations

Retail Innovations 9: Global Retail Trends 2013 Part 8—Retailvention/Verticality

How do you think about an existing business in a completely different way, shattering the tried and true methods of distribution and selling? How do you build and take a business directly to the customer, by-passing traditional selling channels? 770 more words

Retail Innovations

Retail Innovations 9: Global Retail Trends 2013 Part 7—Online Offline Mashup

A new retail era is emerging. It will seamlessly blend the online and offline retail experience together, allowing customers to shop where and how they want, at any time. 854 more words


The ever-changing tide of booze

So here’s a rather unexpected trend to tell of, total alcohol consumption has fallen for the 6th consecutive year. Well, perhaps not, with the growing awareness of the importance of exercise in our daily life, minimising the consumption of high fatty foods, that alcohol is a no-no for anyone wanting to watch their weight. 469 more words

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The future of retail

Retail is one of the most exciting sectors with continual change and disruption. Whether it’s e-commerce, m-commerce, drone delivery or virtual payments the sector is transforming at a dramatic pace. 1,167 more words