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Expecting a surge in customers for Super Bowl? How these 5 franchises do it.

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By Kate Taylor, Entrepreneur.com

The Seahawks and Patriots aren’t the only franchises getting ready for the big game this Sunday. 983 more words


Seeking a creative and dynamic retail manager (tenderloin)

We are CEX – Complete Entertainment Exchange (webuy.com). It’s pronounced the way you would think.
We’re looking for a dynamic and creative retail manager, someone who is open to new ideas and has new ideas of their own. 12 more words

San Francisco

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma and a senior Chinese government official met on Friday to smooth things over in the wake of a government report that blasted Alibaba… 83 more words


4 Super Bowl ads that nailed it!

Marketers will spend millions of dollars to advertise during Sunday’s Super Bowl. This year, a single 30-second spot is selling for about $4.5 million. Add in about another million to produce a spot a digital marketing campaign and executives can forever transform a brand in one night. 530 more words


Charge anywhere there’s light with this rain-resistant portable power bank

The ZeroLemon Solar Juice is a brilliant way to recharge your mobile device using nothing but solar energy. The ZeroLemon Solar Juice has a capacity of 20,000mAh, which far exceeds the capacities of popular mobile smart phones and tablets, ensuring that you will always have enough power to keep your device functioning. 464 more words


Companies love misery: On #grumpcore and why being sad and angry is suddenly so stylish

In 1969, The Stooges released the track “No Fun,” a blistering homage to the misery of youth in which Iggy Pop bemoans the lack of enthusiasm in his then-22-year-old life: “Walking by myself / No fun to be alone / In love with nobody else.” 816 more words


Starting a business? Are you mad? The business idea

This is the second part of my series. In the first part I queried why anyone in their right mind would want to risk everything on something that just might not work. 195 more words

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