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The noble law of the MRP

Yesterday we discussed the Indian concept of the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) in class. What sounds like a super boring lesson, is actually quite insightful. Our professor called it a law which had noble reasoning. 109 more words


Alcohol Retailing In Windsor Nightclub Hits The Bottom of The Barrel

Some bright spark (without authority, apparently) thought it a great idea to tweet the message below with picture to ‘market and sell’ the delights of spending a night in this club, which is a stones throw for HM’s Berkshire residency (not sure if she is a regular client, possibly not. 135 more words


We didn’t see that coming

Celtic mysticism abounds in Stirling, mainly because a number of the retail staff here are Welsh – and those that aren’t, such as Steve Burt, wish they were –  and so strange languages are often found and occasionally spoken. 815 more words


Missing the Target

As Canadian based retail advisors, we have been inundated by business writers on both sides of the Canadian/U.S. border asking about what is happening with Target’s foray into Canada and what they should do to fix their problems. 598 more words

Sofa.com CEO backs Mayor's cycling plans

Sofa.com CEO Gareth Williams announced today his organisations’s strong support for the Mayor’s plans for segregated cycling provision in the heart of London.

“As CEO of sofa.com, I am proud of the growth of our business in London and the employment we have created in this wonderful city. 186 more words


Successful retailers prefer paper to pixels for profit...

My recent rant about Omni-channel created some interest. Like me, most marketers cannot understand why common sense needs a buzzword.

It doesn’t matter if you’re selling stuff in the analogue or digital world, you always ensure consistency of imagery, message and service. 474 more words


All Hail The New KPI Metric: SOS (Share of Screen)


Back in the days of yore, we all ran after this big metric – its the one that decided supremacy in the market, was an indicator of your competitive strength, was the clue to your competitor’s revenue and profit – was all important in fact. 249 more words