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Place marketing and sustainable places

Recently, Piccadilly Gardens was voted Manchester’s worst attraction on Tripadvisor. The designers of Piccadilly Gardens, Arup, say “Piccadilly Gardens transforms Manchester’s central park from a problem area into an effective public space”. 663 more words

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Doris Brings Colour and Freshness to Giant Foods

The United States continues to see the consolidation of the grocery store business into fewer and fewer national chains. The merger of Safeway Inc., with Albertsons will create a network of 2,400 stores, 27 distribution facilities and 20 manufacturing plants with more than 250,000 employees. 503 more words


Walmart sows its "Wild Oats"

The day after Target announced some new initiatives to build its organic food business, Walmart made a much bigger splash. It announced that it is reviving the Wild Oats brand and will be pricing a new assortment of organics to be more competitive. 122 more words

Dick Seesel

Defining the "CXO"

“CXO” stands for “Chief Experience Officer,” and it’s becoming a hot commodity in many retail organizations. The question posed by RetailWire is how to define the job and its realm of responsibilities. 140 more words

Dick Seesel

Free the buyers!

Here’s a recent RetailWire comment about the president of Saks Fifth Avenue and her push to make her buyers less risk-averse. While being analytical is part of the job, so is the (often forgotten) art of being instinctive. 138 more words

Dick Seesel

Like a delicate crocus, the American consumer is waking up for spring

After a long, cold winter, the March thaw apparently put Americans in the mood to shop.

US retail sales jumped 1.1% in March compared with the previous month. 80 more words

TGI's got an eye for detail. Small changes are far better than a rebrand.

Remember when TGI Friday’s first came to UK. More years ago than I care to remember, but they certainly shook up the market.

Singing waiters, huge portions, WOW badges (Worker of the Week), cocktail lists that stretched over pages – each learnt without a cheat sheet in sight. 218 more words

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