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This other book

On a recent trip back to Iowa for two MFA thesis defenses in one afternoon (congratulations to my now former students, Alex and Beatrice!), my 12-year-old son recommended for us, and his 10-year-old brother, the book Magyk, by Angie Sage, so we brought it along. 167 more words

Those with special needs should be treated the same as anyone and everyone else would

In order for equality to work, we must all realize that we are not equal. Yet, such a view is seemingly forgotten on those with special needs when it comes to the fact that society wishes to normalize them as best as they can instead of seeing them for who and what they are and realizing their limitations, both physically &/or mentally for that matter. 623 more words

Common Sense

For Michael, who would have been 39 on April 17 – and for her, gone 10 years on April 19

Mother and Son – 1980… 194 more words


Boy with mental retardation

This boy has mental retardation, it is hard for him to do stuff we can do easily, but he tries hard to do it and he can succeed.

"Please Understand my Culture"


Political cartoon featuring Simon from “Eat Your Kimchi”enjoying a meal with two ajossi friends

This is the umbrella statement issued by Klowns whenever someone from a… 502 more words