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I truly find comfort by reading & studying my Bible, the first thing when I get up in the a.m. I have found that it helps me tremendously in getting through the day. 1,616 more words


Yes.  I am titling this blog entry with “THAT” word, because I need your attention please.

First, bear in  mind that I use that word to make you sit up and take notice about what I want to talk about. 574 more words


Ignorance is the Misuse of Words.

So up until this point, I have kept everything fairly light. I have had a few things on my mind lately that have been bothering me, so my apologies but I need to vent. 375 more words

International Recording Reggae Artiste Nature “Retarded” is Number One

July 15, 2014, Kingston, Jamaica: Setting the pace with yet another hit single, “Retarded”, and “No Gun Around “ which is at number 18 on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Chart, the musical sensationalist Nature has definitely been on fire. 126 more words




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Great post….. I hate new agers for one pure reason only and that is because they are NOT SPIRITUAL PEOPLE…nor aligned to higher reasoning despite claiming to be oh so divine. There is nothing meaningful to be found in the new age movement. I see myself as a spiritual person…and when I wanted answers THEY COULD NOT GIVE ME, they lost all my respect. They are just a bunch of clowns…with always the same attitude, if you ask them to explain anything, they would either make up hogwash to flatter you with or just deny everything, saying that THEIR EXISTENCE is simply TOO HARD TO EXPLAIN to “ordinary” minded people like me – which is far from what I really am. They all got their knickers up in a bunch over 2012 – and nothing happened..i told them they just wanted a quick escape…unfortunately life does not work that way… you actually have to work on your problems before they go away… you cannot just “wish upon an alien race” to come and land on planet earth to take your sorrow away… that is p*u*s*s*y type of behaviour…. to say “we are too spineless to sort out our own problems, we would rather wait for the end of the world to release us from ourselves”…….. *yawns* Unfortunately they don’t think about the consequences up there, heaven or just plain in the spiritual world, where after death everything gets evaluated as in your progress – new agers seem to want to score a zero on their “chart” from their spirit guides or mentors in higher realms. They do not look like the type of people who want to be incarnated on this plane of existence for A PURPOSE AT ALL…they don’t want to learn anything…and are afraid to overcome things… they might as well never have been born, because they wasted the entire journey with this “spineless attitude” of “let’s wish upon an alien” and our world would become a better place……pfffft…….bullsh..i..t. They don’t have my vote… They disappointed me, because they proved to me that even the DIVINE CAN CREATE RETARDS to challenge “ordinary” people like me to become a better person……*laughs*   PS I WONDER isn't there a type of bad karma awaiting for those individuals who waste their potential, who could have helped many people WHO could have actually made a REAL difference in the real world or make it a better place by participating in it, instead of waiting on aliens being high on "new age dope" all day sitting in their undies in front of their computer all day?      

How To Know When An Otherkin Is Faking It?

  1. they have various kintypes, at one moment they are a fae (fairy), the next a werewolf or vampire, which is a clear indication that they don’t know who the hell they really are.
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A Protest against Luther

Let’s take a break from the Bible for a while. Just a short intro: I work for the intellectually disabled people. The main purpose of my work (I’m just a small wheel within a much larger mechanism) is to give that people an opportunity to live a life worth living. 346 more words