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That's Retarded

People get offended by the use of the words “retarded” and “gay” to mean “stupid.”

But nobody seems to care that we use the words Dumb (a mute person), Idiot (a mentally handicapped person), Imbecile (a prior medical definition for someone with a mental disability), Moron (a term for someone with a mentally disabled age of about 8-12), Insane (A mental disorder where you cannot perceive reality) among many others. 129 more words

Special Ed Student Writes Book

During the July 12 meeting of the High Desert Branch of the California Writer’s Club, my mom and I shared an excerpt from my unpublished book.  600 more words

Encouraging Special Ed Students To Follow Their Dreams


I truly find comfort by reading & studying my Bible, the first thing when I get up in the a.m. I have found that it helps me tremendously in getting through the day. 1,615 more words


Yes.  I am titling this blog entry with “THAT” word, because I need your attention please.

First, bear in  mind that I use that word to make you sit up and take notice about what I want to talk about. 574 more words


Ignorance is the Misuse of Words.

So up until this point, I have kept everything fairly light. I have had a few things on my mind lately that have been bothering me, so my apologies but I need to vent. 375 more words

International Recording Reggae Artiste Nature “Retarded” is Number One

July 15, 2014, Kingston, Jamaica: Setting the pace with yet another hit single, “Retarded”, and “No Gun Around “ which is at number 18 on the South Florida Top 25 Reggae Chart, the musical sensationalist Nature has definitely been on fire. 126 more words