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Chronicles of an alcoholic


Hi, my name is Eleanor and I am alcoholic. I have not attended  these meetings for a while. I have been drinking a lot. 506 more words

Everything And Anything

Looney Bins expecting brisk business this election season

While the election season is at its peak and political advertisements are generating huge amounts of cash for television, radio, print and liquor industries, an unsuspecting Mental Health Industry has quietly grown to surpass all others. 795 more words


Offensiveness and Its Offenses

I was telling a good friend of mine about a weekly promotion that a few local bars in Atlanta do called Welfare Wednesdays, where the bars would entice patrons with very cheap drinks on Wednesday nights. 906 more words

Social Issues

Fatal Attraction

I have just finished watching Fatal Attraction and I must say I am SO FREAKED OUT. Though it’s a quite old film, it made me feel so scared. 174 more words

In a yellow Lamborghini

One of the many problems we, as physically handicapped, face on a day to day basis, is that it seems that just because you´re in a wheelchair or walk in a funny way, people automatically seem to think you´re mentally disabled. 622 more words

Count on your fingers if you get confused, Muttenhead.

Lets be a little condescending and rude for a moment. (Why should today be any different?)

Lets say for the sake of arguing that the cashier at the Starbucks I am at is not either low-functioning tarded or is normal, but just that slow and more than a little dumb. 496 more words