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Quantity of Genius?

Nobly reasonable? Infinitely facultative? Angelic and Godly?!
Wow! What a piece of work was Shakespear!
But was he a genius? Was Bach, Da Vinci, or Einstein? 2,384 more words

Tito Sotto's Autism Strikes Again

Hey faggots, this is me Your Lord and Sabre, Susej Crust and it seems that the Internet is full of retards lately, from the comment sections of the pages like TANGINA THIS or our favourite resident retard Marcelo Santos III who somehow manage to sell millions of those so called “books” used as toilet paper by J.K Rowling or George RR Martin. 787 more words

George RR Martin

New Magazine I'm Pitching To Investors

For starters, we’d focus on the needs and interests of selected foreign markets where sex with animals is a socially accepted norm. We’ll pivot to add a domestic version once the recent immigrant communities are able to grow, solidify and impose their wretched, backwards culture on all the decent people.

My theme song, or what I want to say to half of humanity on any given day

The band is Mindless Self Indulgence. The song: Stupid Motherfucker.

Should I talk slower like you’re a retard?

Should I talk slower like you’re retarded? 33 more words

That moment...

That moment when you turn your phone on in the darkness…. :’)

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This is why we shouldn't trust disney... nor Elsa

Because being stupid is too mainstream #idiot #jk

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can someone please explain to this to me…

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