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Fitbit Zip-shit

You know I’m here to protect you from the depredations of grifters and tricksters – flim-flam men and snake oil dealers.  You know that.  Well I’ve uncovered one of the most unethical and morally corrupt corporations out there and I’m here to protect you from them today.   1,156 more words

Wasting Your Time

Most SHOCKING Clip 1Second Away From Death

You probably won’t be able to watch this without getting an eerie feeling in your stomach. Could you ever picture yourself doing something like that? If so, WHY!? 50 more words

Thar be shelves!

Shelves and a mockup of my Halloween costume shirt.  I took pictures, but I realized how woefully shitty everything looked.  So you get a picture of a (retarded?) wombat instead, because I make reference to them so often that you should really know what they look like.


“She’s retarded!”

The word slipped out and hung in the air like a banner between us, dancing with flashing lights and big pointy arrows. There was no clawing it back through the shocked silence which followed. 1,080 more words

Life With A Special Needs Child

The Stigma of children with special needs

Many times children with special needs are neglected,abandoned,discriminated or denied their rights !!!Yet they can be important members in the society if  well catered for them. 19 more words


Doctor Crap?

Somewhere in the David Tennant era the train came off the tracks. It started to be about romance, too many episodes were on earth, there were too many folks following the Doctor around and related to him, too much self-reference to previous lives and eras, too many people actually saying “Doctor Who?” out loud. 243 more words


Season of the rude driver

Originally, I had started a post about a woman who pulled over to cuss me out but the following day I encountered another rude driver. Therefore I feel the need to vent about these situations. 1,781 more words