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Offensiveness and Its Offenses

I was telling a good friend of mine about a weekly promotion that a few local bars in Atlanta do called Welfare Wednesdays, where the bars would entice patrons with very cheap drinks on Wednesday nights. 906 more words

Social Issues

Fatal Attraction

I have just finished watching Fatal Attraction and I must say I am SO FREAKED OUT. Though it’s a quite old film, it made me feel so scared. 174 more words

In a yellow Lamborghini

One of the many problems we, as physically handicapped, face on a day to day basis, is that it seems that just because you´re in a wheelchair or walk in a funny way, people automatically seem to think you´re mentally disabled. 622 more words

Count on your fingers if you get confused, Muttenhead.

Lets be a little condescending and rude for a moment. (Why should today be any different?)

Lets say for the sake of arguing that the cashier at the Starbucks I am at is not either low-functioning tarded or is normal, but just that slow and more than a little dumb. 496 more words


When I say betrayal, what crosses your mind? Whenever I have used this word to describe a certain situation between me and my partner, the reaction I got was always – Did he cheat on you? 848 more words