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Linked Learning: A Promising Approach to College and Career Readiness

Linked Learning is an educational approach to increase college and career readiness in the state of California. At the time of its inception in 2006, California drop-out rate was abysmal. 595 more words

Education Reform

Why is Math So Different Now?

Now days, a student’s  math instruction consist of  computation, which is  learning how to solve for the right answer in an equation or a number sentence.   310 more words

K-12 System

¡Mira, Look!: Encounter

A few weeks ago the U.S. observed Columbus Day, a holiday which many have questioned. Outspoken critics have rejected the notion that Columbus ‘discovered’ America and ushered in an era of civilization, arguing instead that his arrival resulted in the domination and genocide of thousands of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas and Native Americans in the US. 1,083 more words

¡Mira, Look!

Beyond the Multicultural and Diverse Classrooms: How Social Class, Religion, and Geography Plays a Role in Shaping Children's Understanding of Diversity

Why Multicultural?

As an educator in a multicultural urban area, I am no doubt a believer in teaching cultural diversity in the classroom. This can be done in many ways such as providing books with story lines about characters who represent many ethnicities and races, or putting up posters depicting people of various backgrounds. 1,445 more words

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