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My experience with retinal detachment

I’m writing this post in an attempt to give a bit of advice and hope to those out there who have been diagnosed with retinal detachment, and have undergone, or will undergo, eye surgery. 2,685 more words

Eye Surgery

Poetry War: Off-The-Walling

Okay Kayuk.  Your last poetry war installment details why so many people were committed to asylums in the 1900’s for seeing insects crawling on them that weren’t real.  601 more words


At Least He Made it to the Zombies Concert!

If we are honest, most of us have used a sinus infection, migraine, or impending cold as an excuse to get out of events we didn’t want to attend: church budget meetings, PTA, the funeral of someone we barely knew, and soccer games on a muddy field on a cold, drizzly November. 698 more words

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I'm still alive!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on my post yesterday and the emails, tweets, and text messages. I’m completely fine today. I was just over-reacting which is not so unusual for me. 505 more words


Month 15 - Healing from retinal detachment eye surgery

Yes. As suspected I may get it sometime down the track of my TSW journey – retinal detachment – after reading Dr Fukaya’s blog post… 2,168 more words


A Career in Preserving and Improving Vision

by Dr. Bryan Wolynski

I am an optometrist and have a personal story to share. I started becoming Myopic around the 3rd grade and progressed as I grew up but never had an eye doctor dilate my eyes and check my eye health. 209 more words


Chapter 28

Now, I don’t usually want to celebrate having an eye infection  but that’s in fact what I am currently up to. 2 nights ago I had quite a scare after reading an article on the website of Concussion Association. 463 more words