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Work till you drop isn't the future - it is happening now.

It seems innocuous, putting the pension back a few years, for women from 60, to 68. We are all living longer. That is a fact. Both my parents died aged 94, and were exceptionally lucky to remain in good physical and mental health up to the last year of their lives. 1,088 more words


'Psyche' says Abbott to retiree hopefuls

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has revealed a mastermind plan that will keep voters tied to the Liberal party until the reach the age of 70.  270 more words

Tony Abbott

What does retirement actually mean these days?

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s announcement yesterday of the likelihood that the official retirement age for Australians will be increased to 70, raises the question of what retirement actually means these days. 433 more words

Abbott Slashing & Burning, And People Are Surprised

Another day, another backtrack by Tony Abbott. Despite promising no funding cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it now seems that he is determined to swing the axe towards the public broadcaster’s budget. 336 more words


Being (not so shy) and retiring at 40

BBC Capital has posted a though provoking article on retiring at 40 (original story here), and while the financial guidelines in the article are no doubt quite sound (aim for 25 times your desired income in retirement), there remains one vital and unanswered question. 307 more words

To Retire at 55 or not?

Business Times reported result of a survey that 2 out of 5 Singapore Employees want to retire at the age of 55 which is 7 years earlier than the retirement age set by the government. 487 more words