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Part 1: Retirement Age - The Top 6 Things to Consider Planning Retirement

This week, San Diego Wealth Management will be exploring the question of “How Much Do I Need to Save in order to retire?” in a series of 6 blog posts. 194 more words


RETIREMENT AGE FOR WOMEN = 80 #hr #women #cipd

CMI: Female managers would have to work until they are nearly 80 – over 14 years more than their male counterparts – to earn the same amount. 15 more words

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Important Dates for Retirement Planning

There are a lot of “important” dates to remember to stay out of hot water. There are dates that do not change (unless of course the event occurred on February 29th of a leap year), such as your spouse’s birthday, your wedding anniversary (and you must also know how long you’ve been married and not just the date), your kids’ birthdays and possibly your own birthday…oh yeah, Valentine’s Day is also important lest you find yourself spending time in the dog house for forgetting.  1,631 more words


Being the belated writer

When I started this blog a couple of years ago I had just emerged from the wonderful MA in Creative Writing at Bath Spa University and was still incredulous that here I was, having reached retirement age, at last doing properly what I had wanted and struggled to do for most of my life. 295 more words


A Life Course Perspective On Retirement: Normative Trajectories

In Pascale, Primavera and Roach’s book The Retirement Maze (see Retirement Transition Reading: The Retirement Maze), “life course theory” is one of the social science perspectives used to understand retirement. 866 more words


Older workers must retain employability

As another dispute brews over the apparent under-representation of over-50s in the workplace – this time in the public service – I want to question where responsibility lies. 269 more words


Employers need to adapt to age diverse workforce warns CIPD

DESPITE the abolition of the default retirement age in 2011, employees over the age of 65 make up just five per cent of the UK’s SME workforce. 82 more words

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