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Live Your Life With Liberty In Retirement Community

Retirement community is one of the best destinations for elderly people. They are the one stop destination where senior people can live their life with freedom and liberty. 208 more words

Retirement Community

The KS Wind Had it's Way With Me

My day was pretty good even though I had to get two cavities filled. I spent the morning with Oma. She couldn’t hear something awful and we got to talk more about her knee getting crushed so I left for wash cloths. 241 more words

Easy Day

It was a relatively quite day. I made okra fritters, jamabala and corn on the cob for dinner.  It was great to see my Uncle Bill and catch-up a little.  90 more words

Learn how NOT to ruin your retirement

4 ways to ruin your retirement plan

I am your Villages real estate expert. Buying, selling, renting! Call me to assist your next real estate decision. 21 more words

All the best people are MAD

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday.  I was up-late with Jenny talking and catching up for the 3rd night.  I visited Oma three times and she is scared that she won’t make it out.  135 more words

Professional Help: 5 Tips for Senior Citizens on Simple, Healthy Living

To slow down the physical and mental decline that comes with age, drugs and exercise aren’t enough. According to a study out of the University of Southern California, a lifestyle makeover is necessary. 376 more words

Does anyone have objections to 90s rap music with expletives?

I boot camped and water aerobized this morning. We visited Oma and she was really down. We bought groceries for dinner with the wolf pack. Then we made dinner and I headed to yoga. 200 more words