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What is the Advantage in Crowdfunding (2)

Crowdfunding – What’s that?

Many young people fear they will never own a property no matter how hard they save towards a deposit because rising prices continually undermine their efforts.  473 more words


Present Self and Future Self - Habits 1

Daniel Goldstein is the inspiration for the first of my blogs about habits and how they affect our lives.

Daniel Goldstein gave a TED Talk explaining his concept of us each having a Present self and a Future self. 321 more words


The Rise of Unretirement!

“I think there’s more and more of us at 60 who are saying, ‘OK, what’s my next career? What do I want to do that’s fulfilling?   616 more words


What are the Most Common 401(k) Mistakes?

Believe it or not there are many mistakes that can be made along the way when it comes to financial retirement savings and investing. Unfortunately a good many of these mistakes center around the 401(k), which can be a tremendous boost to your retirement plans when used properly in order to build your portfolio. 529 more words

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How many years do you have to save for retirement?

On average, my family lives to a ripe old age which is lovely but it got me to thinking about my post retirement years

So, if I want to be ‘safe’, following the economists predictions that if I make it to 75, I can expect to last at least another 12.2 years!  210 more words


Long Term Retirement Planning

Long Term Retirement Planning

We all know that sooner is much better than later when it comes to planning your finances for that time when you want to enjoy the fruits of your long working years and enjoy what you are going to do when you’re ready to do those fun things you’ve been planning. 961 more words

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How I lost half of my retirement investment in bitcoins

By Jack Tatar

It’s nearly four months since I placed a portion of my retirement funds into bitcoins. Specifically, I invested $25,000 into the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) 723 more words