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5 Tips to Prepare for your next Job

Seems the author of the article I read today has lived
a similar life to me

We’ve both seen some major upheaval in jobs which we thought were going along quite nicely until suddenly one day every thing had changed. 462 more words


Retirement Savings Shortfall Option

Financial literacy is so essential in our society, especially in this age of no pensions and underfunded defined contribution plans. The country has 77 million baby boomers and most of these people do not have pensions. 866 more words

Retirement Planning

Are You On The Right Track For Becoming A Millionaire?

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Jeet Banerjee

 While some people like to argue that money isn’t a true measure of success, money is just a way to buy yourself freedom. 857 more words


Baby Boomers Top Three Problems

My husband and I are Mid-Boomers

We still have living parents and we are looking retirement in the face!

My Mum and I often discuss our futures, wills and after life. 427 more words


Getting Lost?

My Internet marketing guru for many years has been Peter Carruthers.
We go back a long way although I have only ever met him once I look forward each week to his newsletter and then a webinar later in the week. 469 more words


Depression in The Elderly, Part 2

The Elderly population who suffers from depression presents some different issues  that need to be addressed. Many of them struggle to make it on a limited income from Social Security. 677 more words

Moving house any time soon?

Are you anything like me and my family?
Have you moved house rather a lot!

I did a count up a while ago of the number of houses we have lived in… Some were very brief and not all were owned by us, but I got to 27 in our 40 year marriage! 246 more words