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Always Buy the Most Beaten Up

It is counter-intuitive, but I only wrote earlier this week, before the market reversed to the upside to commence The Santa Claus Rally… “The order in which I would be a buyer, from those that have been hurt the worst recently, to those that have been the strongest… understanding that the weakest tend to rebound the strongest in the ensuing rally, would go like this: CVX, ECL, QCOM, HRL, CNI, BLK, UNP, VFC, CHD, CMCSA, TJX, COST, FDS, ROST, ABC, CVS and TSCO… 342 more words

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Private Real Estate Investing Builds Wealth While Improving Our Communities

The Fernandez Group is a local San Jose company that purchases and renovates residential and commercial properties throughout California. 158 more words


True Pension Freedom

It’s important to remember that we can’t see the future, so a new analysis may be needed in years whenever economics or life’s events deal us a bad hand and adjust our next year’s spending accordingly. 1,110 more words

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I Hate It When This Happens!

Okay, as everyone should know, the market lifted some 2% yesterday on pretty decent volume, and the pre-openers are up by more than 1% this morning as I write, an hour and a half before the markets open. 422 more words

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And the Hits Just Keep On Coming!

This will be brief… Hormel Foods, symbol HRL, has raised its dividend.

I was receiving $.80 a share, and they just raised to $1.00 a share! 100 more words

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Inside Retirement - Solutions for Seniors by Bill Storie

By Bill Storie

Part 1 – Making Money

Apart from health, the most important issue for those in retirement is Money.

It would be wonderful if we all could say we have more than enough to get through our final years. 962 more words

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What is Your Vision of Retirement

I think people are starting to wake up to the fact that if they want to retire, they’re going to have to pay for it themselves. 1,242 more words

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