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Retirement Happiness -At My Age Money Is ... by Bill Storie

This is the 3rd in the weekly Series called Retirement Happiness. In this Series we discuss the issues and concerns about money, and how its various components are so inter-twined that sometimes we cannot see a solution to our constant fear of running out of money as we get older. 585 more words

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Retirement Risk Eliminator

Taking control of your finances and being able to generate retirement income will be vital to enjoy a comfortable standard of living throughout retirement. The biggest financial risk of retirees is living longer than you planned for. 1,170 more words

Retirement Planning

What to Buy When the Market Turns Up

I concentrate on 19 specific issues at this time. I think that it is appropriate to have no fewer than 20. When we get to a place where I discern another low-risk market entry opportunity, I intend to buy at least one new issue to add to our holdings. 430 more words

Stock Market Investing

The Two Phases of Retirement

Work and leisure patterns late in life are changing. The ideal of taking full retirement in order to live a life of leisure is giving way… 642 more words


The Incredible Beauty of Dividend Growth Investing

The market is taking off on another tear again. Why? Who can say. Does it make me happy, or sad? It doesn’t matter. I can make a case for being happy or sad… and that’s the true beauty of dividend growth investing. 370 more words

Stock Market Investing

Acknowledge Your Weaknesses, Play to Your Strengths!

30 years ago, I was going to become a hot-shot trader, and make fabulous wealth for myself and my family. After all, I was one smart guy, wasn’t I? 516 more words

Stock Market Investing

Retirement Road Map

The surge of retirees – 10,000 baby boomers every day for the next 18 years – Of those people, millions have made or are in the midst of making critical decisions with regard to their retirement. 937 more words