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So Good, It's Scary!

Okay, it’s the end of the month. The market has done this crazy V-bottom formation, going down the first half of the month, and climbing right back up and out of it the entire second half of the month. 228 more words

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Retirement Tsunami Storm Clouds

For the past five years, the Fed has been frantically pumping more and more money into Wall Street, keeping interest rates low to encourage hedge funds and other investors to borrow and speculate. 1,303 more words

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How to Invest for Retirement without a 401K

So you’ve decided to forego the big corporation for a small business, or your own business, but now you don’t have access to a 401K plan, let alone a pension.  1,092 more words


15th "Pay Raise" This Year!

This is why the safe-dividend growth investor employs this strategy: To receive regular and consistent dividend increase “pay raises!”

As I flashed thru my charts last night, I thought I saw a brand new dividend increase among them. 180 more words

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Clearing Out "Deadwood"

One of the unsung, but incredibly helpful, benefits that safe-dividend growth investing in the very highest quality companies one can find is this: It would seem that you almost never have to ever sell anything for a loss ever again! 650 more words

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Never Run Out Of Money in Retirement

If there is anything that can get any person worried, it’s thinking about the future. The idea of retiring, in particular, can scare people a lot. 987 more words

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Experiencing Incredible Dividend Growth Investing Success!

Don’t know whether it’s truly right or not, but I was once told that if you don’t blow your own horn, nobody’s going to blow it for you. 217 more words

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