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Lame Duck

I’ve always joked that I only look at my company’s job postings to make sure my job isn’t in it.  Usually good for a chuckle. 479 more words


What to do with all this stuff?

My mother gave her “good” jewelry away after she got her cancer in her mid sixties.  She went onto live another thirty years and went to many more bar-mitzvahs, weddings, and baby showers. 122 more words



I have my old stamp collection from when I was seven.  My husband has common baseball cards from the 50s.

We have scrapbooks and CDs.  Who really uses CDs anymore? 151 more words


The Roadmap to Retirement

Late Boomers are retiring earlier, and are facing challenges no other group has before, and we are looking for information to ease our path. Other than financial stuff designed to scare you into thinking you’ll never have enough money – so you might as well get that job in retail immediately – there is very little useful info available on what really happens to you when you retire. 541 more words


Did it.

I can’t believe I am writing these words.  Yes, I had The Conversation with my boss.  It went very well.  Here’s why.

After a lot of thought, and discussion within the family, I decided I would offer my boss an arrangement where I could work part time on contract for a while, use that time to help hire and then train my replacement, continue to offer global PR consulting to the company’s clients, and pass on some more knowledge to my stellar team. 399 more words



So tell the truth… How many of you have looked around your house or apartment and asked yourself how much stuff do you really need?  191 more words


Goldust Responds to Rumors That He'll be Retiring Soon

Goldust went to Twitter and responded to reports that he’ll be retiring following WrestleMania 31.

Youngens can't keep up with me!!!! I'm the #BenjaminButton of…

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