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As told on Twitter: #ThePrincessAndThePea

So earlier today on Twitter I came across the prince from The Princess and The Pea and he was pretty upset.

* * *

Looks like I might have to venture out of Chelsea to find a wife, I hoped it wouldn’t come to this. 448 more words


A Story Told

A story told
is retold
year-long it goes
from ear to ear it goes
add ups are too many
left outs are very many
it turns sweet at times… 16 more words


Retold: A Journal Series

Welcome, dear internet.

This is the website for a new journal series called Retold. The intention is to publish art – short stories and poetry, of course, but perhaps also the occasional photograph or illustration and academic essay – on the retelling of a particular mythology or mythical trope. 48 more words


Story Tellers (2001)

In the newspaper last Friday I read of the passing of a master story teller from Mississippi named Eudora Welty. They say that through her eyes the South came to life. 258 more words



Get excited! :)  My new “ad campaign” for the TMV. I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Have a beautiful day!   <3


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