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Mele Kalikimaka Punch

We’re going to a christmas party this weekend and the invitation requested that we bring our own booze.  I spent some time looking at different punch recipes and none of them were very inspiring.   625 more words


That was Probably the Most Alcoholic Thing We've Done All Trip

We had a lot to do today. Unicum Museum, House of Terror, and we still hadn’t done the Jewish Walking Tour. So we headed out before noon for the first time in Budapest. 2,242 more words


Pizza & Boobs

If I were ever stranded on an island and only could have one food for the rest of my life, I would probably choose pizza.  Bread, and cheese, and endless toppings?   694 more words


Everyone Who Goes Into the Darkness Comes Out Alive

December 8th

Dear Mom and Dad

I discovered a new reason to wear flip flops whenever you go to the bathroom in hostels. So what appeared to have happened last night was one of the Aussies passed out pants around his ankles on the toilet. 2,032 more words


"We're Not Here to Fuck Spiders We're Here to Get Fucked!"

December 7th

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today was the first day all trip I felt actually hungover. Sparty did a number on you… mostly because I was drinking beer and whenever I mix I get hungover. 1,566 more words


"Wait do I need a bathing suit?" "No clothes are optional!"

Woken up early by our terrible roommates. They were a student group from India who had to leave early in the morning and didn’t think to pack… so light on, they were still drunk, lots of noise etc. 1,061 more words


"I had a flight outta here back to Aussie... that was a couple days ago. Good luck leaving this place"

While I really liked Cluj, it’s one of those cities you either spend 2 weeks in, or one day in. We didn’t have a ton of interest in a walking tour because it’ll be the same old “This is a church, here’s another church, here’s town hall, here’s a statue with a funny story behind it” that we get in every city. 1,051 more words