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Comets from arcade's past - Halley's Comet

Back on theme of celebrating the ESA’s successful probe landing on a comet after a ten-year journey is Halley’s Comet by Pacific Manufacturing Ltd. and published by game giant Taito which seemed to fly under the radar in 1986 at the arcades. 630 more words

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Hack 'n Slashing from Arcade's past - Dark Seal II

As lackluster as Dark Seal (or Gate of Doom as it was known to Western audiences) was, Data East went ahead with a sequel, releasing it in 1992 with a host of upgrades. 1,269 more words


Hack 'n slashing from arcade's past - Dark Seal

Data East was one of the biggest names in the arcades with a string of hits in the 80s ranging from Karate Champ in 1984 (often hailed as one of the fighting game godfathers) to twitch-action classics like BurgerTime and Bump ‘n Jump. 1,333 more words