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Pinball Hall of Fame

Why it’s great for kids:

If you mention the word “pinball” to kids these days, they might look at you funny. Is that an app? 107 more words

Kids Visit Las Vegas

Arcade beat 'em ups of the past - Knuckle Joe

Technos Japan’s Renegade in 1986 is often cited as the granddaddy of beat ‘em ups with features passed down to epic greats ranging from Double Dragon to Capcom and Konami’s titles like Final Fight and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, respectively. 1,385 more words

Retro Gaming

Arcade beat 'em ups from the past - Growl

The early 90s were big years for beat ‘em ups. Both 1991 and 1993 would prove to be a peak year for both Capcom and Konami which released three apiece into the arcades in both years. 1,165 more words


80s Action Heroes from Arcade's Past - Jackal

The 80s were filled with more than Cold War paranoia. Thanks to Hollywood, they were turned into a playground for over-the-top, American action heroes fighting terrorists and the forces of communism everywhere doing to countries what Michael Bay does to downtown Chicago on a daily basis with giant robots. 1,413 more words


Cold War memories from the arcades - Missile Command

No discussion of the arcade scene in the early 80s in conjunction with the Cold War could ever be complete without even mentioning Atari’s iconic Missile Command. 1,120 more words


Carnage from the flyers of the past - Total Carnage

Games have had a long history of doing things that movies and books have taken for granted, namely, poking fun at real world topics and situations whether you’re looking at SSI’s massive catalog of Cold War scenarios or Access Software’s Raid Over Moscow in 1984 which instigated “moral panic” in Finland and which had become something of a political issue with certain members of its parliament. 1,622 more words