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Recipe of the month

Courtesy of the Food Fox, this month’s recipe is light summer fare, perfect with a glass of Excelsior Chenin Blanc or a lighter styled Chardonnay. 242 more words


Greased mold. Great.

If you’re fresh out of canned shrimp for your barf stew, just throw in some of Goldie Goldfish’s fish flakes. He’ll just be grateful that he didn’t end up in the cooking pot. 12 more words

Vintage Food

Dude...just roast the fucking asparagus

Want to make cottage cheese sauce even less appealing? Pair it with mold.

Vintage Food

Like Livia Soprano on a bun

Lemon? Bitters? Sour cream? Crab? No wonder Joe is pissed off.

Vintage Food

Mr. S's Veggie Hawaii Toast

There is nothing Hawaiian about Hawaii Toast. The sandwich was invented by German TV chef Clemens Wilmenrod in the 1950s, and has caused considerable confusion ever since. 204 more words


Spectacular Spanish Beef Salad. Ole!

An apology: The Retro Mom has had shoulder trouble for the past three months, so posting has been sparse, at best. Hopefully, 2015 will bring many lovely posts and some other surprises! 580 more words

Gluten Free

Mother of god

So I was at the Dig n Save today (for those of you not in the know, that’s a Goodwill store where they take truckloads of donated items and dump them into trough-like bins and you get to sort through them for pay-by-the-pound treasure) and I found my Christmas gift to myself…a box of 200+ Betty Crocker recipe cards from 1975. 40 more words

Vintage Food