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Straightforward Simple Cookies

Simple cookies.

And unlike your hostess, they have no pretense.

Straightforward, but not insignificant, non-statement-making cookies.

White with chocolate frosting. Slightly rich, easy to make and neutral in taste. 237 more words

Dairy Free

Appetizing Aperitivo

When traveling in Italy this summer, I discovered the very pleasant Italian version of aperitifs. Unlike in Finland (and in many other countries where I have traveled) an aperitif in Italy often includes a nice little – or sometimes not so little – buffet of food to accompany your drink. 436 more words


The cure for writer's block: molded gelatin salad!

I have been suffering recently with a case of writer’s block. I have several drafts of future posts for Vanalogue in various stages of completion, but have been unable to complete any of them. 979 more words

It's so cold in Alaska.

There’s a certain WTF quality of pre-1980s color photography that automatically makes the food of that era look gruesome. We’ve all seen the evidence. A certain percentage of the internet is devoted to the horrors of post-WWII cuisine, whether it’s the… 1,803 more words

Random Thoughts

History Served Me A Gluten Free Mouthful


No, it’s not an oxymoron.

If I hadn’t made it, I never would have believed that it could be delightful. I had heard of spoonbread, but in my ever-present Los Angeles state-of-mind… 973 more words

Gluten Free

And now for something completely different.....

But not really.

Finding your focus when blogging is so very important. I knew my focus was food. Gluten-free food. But as I started delving into what I truly loved to read about, learn about and cook – it turned out to be… 213 more words


Hate, Branding, and Miscellany

A collation of links and reading that might interest you. Enjoy, and see you tomorrow….

Hate Thy Neighbor

Dave Pascoe

No, I don’t hate the people; I detest the philosophy into which most of them have bought. 937 more words

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