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"What a damn shame. This meal was two days away from retirement."

The most gristle-y murder scene since Jonestown. The pins were impaled by the poison-tipped darts of the Peruvian tribe from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the hamburger log was decapitated, and the horrified bowling ball was taken down by Stephen King’s langoliers after Jergens soothing oatmeal balm failed to remedy their flaky skin conditions and peoples’ laughter at their “it’s just a cold sore” explanation drove them to the brink.

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Oh please. That is not a duck.

That is a French bulldog served with a side dish of its own doody and its ass is pointed at my face. Your definition of “appetizing” is straight-up twisted. 6 more words

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Just Give Up And Make Your Entire Thanksgiving Dinner Out Of Jello Molds

In years past, Thanksgiving dinner had to meet two benchmarks: it had to be delicious, and it had to be sufficiently Thanskgiving-y. If you served traditional foods and they weren’t entirely awful, you were doing okay. 598 more words


{ R E C I P E } Retro Apple Fritters for Dad


Gluten free, Dairy free, Yeast free = wiz bang amazingness!!! 

My Daddy-o (who is a chef) and I were discussing the merits of owning a retro food van, after I saw a quirky little number parked out our local beach that looked really fabulous.  923 more words


Peanut corn chowder?

If it walks like an ass explosion and talks like an ass explosion then it is something you might want to consider relabeling before you try to actually market it.

70's Recipes

*head explodes*

Drag queens would call this overdone and tell you to simmer the fuck down.

70's Recipes