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N64GP Ep. 11: Game Dev Interview w/Joey Andrews

In this episode I interview Joey Andrews. I saw a his tweet asking if anyone wanted to chat, so we did. He is a sign maker by day and an indie dev by night. 126 more words

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N64 GP Ep. 10: Game Development Interview w/Michael Nickles

I interview Michael Nickles about game development. His story of learning and adapting is very inspiring. Listening to him talk about his first games and learning experiences he had will make you laugh. 275 more words

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N64 GP Ep. 9: Game Development Interview w/Dylan Browne

In this interview we hear from Dylan Brown, and he’s working on a FPS, survival horror game called Caffeine. Everything but the music he is doing by himself and he’s building the game in Unreal 4. 125 more words

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Retro Review: "Captain Novolin" (1992, Raya Systems, SNES)

By Michael Mygind

Every now & then, there comes a game that causes you to question if it was actually a game. In this case, it is… 814 more words

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Episode 20: Castlevania

Download Episode 20: Castlevania here! <– (right click and “save as”)

Ghosts.  Mummies.  Bats.  Annoying Medusa heads.  No, it’s not PixelTunes Castle Basement… It’s the Castlevania series!   222 more words

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Episode 78 - Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age

Hi there! To-day I discuss Sssnake and Airlock by Data Age, for all of 18 minutes. There just wasn’t much to say about these games. Next week I’ll be talking about Fire Fighter and Sky Patrol, both by Imagic. 175 more words

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Episode 17 - Super Star Wars

In episode 17, Rob and Landon strike back with a vengeance and play Super Star Wars!

Special thanks to Michael from 2 Dudes and a NES, Nick from NES Podcast/Genesis Gems, Josh from Turtle Flakes, Ferg from Atari 2600 Game By Game Podcast, Aaron from Retro Obscura, and Willy from Colecovisions Podcast for their awesome promos and bumpers! http://ift.tt/1yVN69b

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