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Cold War memories from the past - High Frontier

When President Ronald Reagan announced his SDI initiative in 1983, it set off a fanciful firestorm in Hollywood and elsewhere as it quickly earned the nickname “Star Wars” for its incredibly ambitious and high-tech ideas. 2,477 more words


Podcast: Episode 100 Spectacular

This week Fred and Jam are celebrating the 100th episode complete with top 5 lists, listener call-ins, guests, giveaways, and tons of talk about games from “back in the day”.  28 more words


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I've been a gamer for nearly 25 years. I started on the NES when I was 3 years old and have always been nostalgic for games of my childhood, which run the gamut of the late 80s with the NES up to the early 2000s with the Dreamcast and PS2. Fred Rojas' podcast, Gaming History 101, is the best retro gaming podcast I've found because of the host's knowledge and personality. The podcast just hit its 100th episode. If you enjoy retro gaming or simply reminiscing on gaming years of old, give Gaming History 101 a listen.

UK videogame retailers: Crazy Thumbs, Tooting, London

This is a series of posts dedicated to independent and interesting videogame shops in the UK with a focus on those that sell retro/import games, both those that have perished and those that still survive today. 916 more words

UK Videogame Retail

Cold War memories from arcade's past - SDI

Not to be confused with Cinemaware’s S.D.I. which initially came out in 1986 (and whose lawyers might sue for ‘marketplace confusion’ today), 1987’s SDI was an action-packed arcade game released by Sega capitalizing on Ronald Reagan’s idea for the Strategic Defense Initiative. 1,005 more words


Retron 5 review: Getting into retro gaming has never been easier

Retro gaming is experiencing a resurgence lately and games or consoles that were once aging pieces of yellowing plastic are now often worth ridiculous amounts of mone… 1,288 more words


Arcade Mode: Episode 1 - Yie Ar Kung Fu

Welcome to Arcade Mode! A blog where I’m going to play every fighting game that Xbox Live Arcade has to offer on the Xbox 360…in chronological order. 873 more words


Collectems - A Pokémon-esque game

The appeal of the original two Pokémon games, especially to those of us who’re old enough to remember them being released, is undeniable. Nowadays we are used to 3D graphics in the latest installments of the franchise and an overall advanced feel to them. 480 more words