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Superhero games from arcade's past - Superman

Superman’s history in video games is kind of a mess. Almost every time someone tries to make a game based around the Man of Steel, the results never end well. 1,236 more words


Mario's Top 5 Jobs


There is no other character that signifies Nintendo than Mario. Mario has been the signature character (Hero) for the company from the early days. However, throughout that time, Mario has worn many hats, as one might say. 187 more words

Retro Gaming

Retro Video Game Wednesday: Metroid

Retro Video Game Wednesdays: It’s Wednesday! And instead of harrumphing over this hump, we’re gonna just go ahead and play through it. So let’s get started! 264 more words


Video Games as a Bonding Experience

Let’s face it. There is still a large group of people, possibly even the majority of people, that, when hearing that we as adults still play and enjoy video games, dismiss us as if we are being infantile or childish in our interests. 949 more words

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blast(oise) from the past(oise)

Last week I bought a Gameboy Color under the delusion it was some sort of thought experiment.  Wouldn’t it be interesting, I lied to myself, to buy an old Gameboy and boot up the copy of Pokemon Blue I kept for no reason (deep seated psychological issues aside).  587 more words

Old News


In both my The Simpsons: Bart vs the World and Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse reviews I have made frequent mention of how in the 8-bit and 16-bit eras there was a torrent of uninspired platform games that only sold because it starred a licensed character. 500 more words


Talk to me, Goose!

After much mulling over I’ve decided (for now at least) that the helicopter idea isn’t fitting with this open ocean / islands idea and that Jet mode is much more fun. 279 more words