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Retrospective on Video Game consoles. A preview.

Retrospective on Video Game consoles. A preview.

I’ll express my thoughts on some of my favorite video game consoles along with others that I have played and consoles that I know about in general. 73 more words

Installing AmigaOS4.1 Classic onto WinUAE 2.9.0beta12

When I saw that WinUAE was to the point of actually installing OS4.1 Classic, I immediately put in an order to AmigaKit.com to get my copy. 464 more words


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Hi guys! Mambo's Amiga Blog has made an excellent guide to installing AmigaOS 4.1 Classic on WinUAE! This is a must read if you are considering going this route. You will find everything below. Enjoy! :)

29: Dynamite Heady / Cute Platformers

Alex Roberts (@MuscularPikachu) joins Jim and Kevin this week to discuss mad dogs and cute platformer; the the trio wonder if all games have stages then are all the characters players. 7 more words

One More Turn

Updated: #80 - 61

If you thought I was one and done, you don’t fully comprehend the depths of my Nintendo obsession!¬† This week it’s the top NES games of all time from… 37 more words


Video: We Play The Legend of Zelda part 14: An Ode to the Famicom Disk System

In a moment of Did-You-Know goodness, Steve learns that the Japanese NES apparently had a microphone and it was more relevant to gaming than the XBox One’s Kinect voice features. ¬†COOL!

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Arcade beat 'em ups of the past - Kung-Fu Master

If there’s one beat ‘em up that every modern version today can trace their roots back to, it has to be Irem’s Kung-Fu Master in 1984. 1,562 more words


An 8-bit Game a Day: Milon's Secret Castle

Milon’s Secret Castle has a reputation that I don’t think it deserves. Sure, the game was obtuse, the clues you received were vague, and it was pretty wide open as far as exploration goes. 1,080 more words