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30: Punch-Out! Series / Speed Runs

Ring the bell, school’s in, sucker, as this week Kevin and Jim jab, stick, move, float, fly, sting, and shuck for this week’s play of the Punch Out series; before that, the pair rush through a talk on speed runs.

One More Turn

Grammar is not Suikoden's greatest joy in life

During my recent replaying time with Suikoden, I noticed that the translation work, well…it needed some work. Meaning that there were a constant number of grammar and punctuation mistakes across my logged twenty-two hours of grinding and recruiting, enough that I eventually began snapping crappy photos via my cell phone–when I could. 300 more words


Retro Monday - "Singstar"

Title: “Singstar”

Developer: SCE London

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Released: May 2004

“Singstar” was a game from a now by-gone age of party games. It was one of the first games that popularized the system of using a peripheral device to sucker people in and make proprietary tech you had to buy to play. 801 more words

Guy Off The Internet/Wil Morris

Retro console repair/maintenance guide

Repairs repairs. Repairs repairs repairs repairs repairs. And how to do them. I don’t do practical posts (although I’m not above doing the odd poor parody of practical guides… 1,891 more words

Random Tidbits

Super Nintendo vs Megadrive: Which one is the 16-bit king?

Back in the early 90’s gamers all over the world would argue about which console is the best, and king of the 16-bit era. I was no exception to this. 1,342 more words


Rest in Bits: Sierra

It may seem odd to bring up Sierra in this fashion since Activision announced the brand’s resurrection. But it may be even more relevant now to remind people of the vast legacy that name brings to games and the expectations of those who remember. 1,270 more words


Little Computer People [C64]

Ever wondered why your computer acts a bit funny on occasions, or even worse, crashes at certain times? I’ll tell you a secret. But first, sit down and take a deep breath. 486 more words

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