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Space Harrier Troubles

The original Space Harrier holds a particular memory for me when I was a kid…

We were at my Cousin’s house for a family celebration of some sort. 393 more words

Castlevania III Part 1 : The Sadistic Curse of Dracula's Avian Horrors

In the 8-bit and 16-bit era, Japanese developers had a tendency to dumb down titles for export. Examples? Nintendo refused to give us the real Super Mario Bros. 1,294 more words

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M2 Completes 3D Conversion Of Sega Classics To The 3DS

Developer M2 has completed their 2 year long project of converting a handful of their Sega megadrive and arcade classics onto the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The latest boxed collection will feature 6 (of the released 13 conversions) and includes Space Harrier, Fantasy Zone, Out Run, Streets of Rage, Shinobi III, and Ecco The Dolphin. 170 more words

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Battletoads & Double Dragon

The greatest faceoff in the world of podcasts happens now! Watch Genesis Gems vs. 2 Dudes and a NES as they take on the game… Battletoads & Double Dragon. 10 more words

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Mega Man 2 : The Mystery of Wiley Stage #4

The Yellow Devil and Dr. Wiley defeated for the first time, I thought I’d have a little fun revisiting my favorite Mega Man: Mega Man 2. 1,276 more words

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Video Game Rental Stores

Our latest episode features us talking about video game rental stores and the past as well as catching up on a ton of collecting stories. 20 more words

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