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It’s 2057 and the Sun is dying. A small team of astronauts and scientists are on their way to the dwindling star with a stellar bomb. 719 more words



Boxing is at the centre of a number of great films, whether it’s Raging Bull, The Fighter or Grudge Match. One of the most iconic is of course… 565 more words


Retro Reviews Part 2: With Fear I Kiss the Burning Darkness

It’s time for another retro review, yeah, I kind of dropped the ball on consistently doing this series.

I would say that At the Gates needs no introduction, but actually, when reviewing albums over 10 years old, it is probably a good idea to remind people of the context. 1,016 more words

Retro Review: More Fun Comics #73 (1941) - "The Case of the Namesake Murders"

Retro Review takes a look at influential issues of DC comic books and measures their artistic integrity against their cultural and symbolic importance to the DC Universe and comic books in general. 1,513 more words


Dead Man's Shoes

The scarily talented Paddy Considine is just plain scary as a soldier who returns to his Derbyshire village hell-bent on revenge, in 2004’s Dead Man’s Shoes… 274 more words


Embrace – If You’ve Never Been (2001)

After their first album’s (The Good Will Out) successful performance in the charts and with critics the band were criticised by some parts of the press for the follow up (Drawn From Memory) for being too eclectic (in their own words they tried to write their own White Album) this lead them to try and create an album with a mood running throughout. 438 more words

Album Review

Retro Review: "Ghostwatch" (1992)

Summertime. Phew.

I can only apologize for the long absence. Things have been especially crazy. Last month I moved from the Midwest back home to the East Coast, where things continue to be crazy (albeit in a very different way). 1,010 more words