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Retrochallenge 2014 Wrap-up

So this is the end. The Retrochallenge is over and I couldn’t meet the deadline with a complete working game as I planned and promised. 271 more words


Retrochallenge Accomplished!

It’s taken a couple of days of hard work, but I’m pleased to report that my Retrochallenge project – creating a character editor for the classic C64 RPG Questron, is completed.  391 more words


We'll call it "QuestronEd"

Just a quick update today to show that I’ve started work on the actual Questron character editor program.  I wanted the editor to run on an actual C64, which means taking the ideas I’ve been prototyping in Python and translating them into something else.  200 more words


Decoding BASIC variables

After I figured out that the save game files in Questron were memory dumps of the BASIC variables section, I had to find out how to interpret that data.  1,107 more words


Cracking the Questron Save Files

My original goal for Retrochallenge was to create a character editor for Questron, and while I’ve discovered and posted about some interesting things related to the game, I haven’t really made much progress.  940 more words


Copy protection in Questron

One of the things I was curious about when I started this project was the Questron copy protection.  I was able to make a working copy, but what was it about the copying program that made it work where a simple file copy failed?  836 more words


Digging into the disks

I know I’ve been pretty quiet so far this Retrochallenge, but I haven’t been completely sidelined.  Since I got back from Convergence in Minneapolis, I’ve been digging into the Questron disks, trying to get the big picture of how the game is put together. 669 more words