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october 25th---major shifts: 3 & 4

Later today, the Sun and Venus will move into Scorpio and on Saturday the 25th, two additional majors shifts occur.  Mars ingresses from Sagittarius to the 10th sign of Capricorn while Mercury begins direct motion in Libra. 348 more words


october 10th---mercury drops his knife, for a minute

Retrograde Mercury heads back into Libra today, the 10th, where he will spend almost a month redoing some of the activities he began while in the 7th sign in September. 129 more words


october 4th---kindling for the bonfire: part 1

This Saturday, October 4th, the grand-Fire-trine perfects, meaning the orbs of  trining Mars, Jupiter and Uranus will be tightest of the whole event.

It is also the day a variety of choice planetary activities occur. 457 more words


Retrograde Planets for 2015




Rx Sign Start Date End Date


MERCURY  Aquarius  Jan. 21  Feb. 10  Feb. 11   37 more words

Metamorphosis ….Pluto stationary direct

I’m sure you’ve heard of Mercury retrograde, it is a time when Mercury is moving backwards relative to the Earth. Other planets have retrograde periods too, and Pluto (and yes, we’re referring to Pluto as a planet, it’s energy is powerful enough, so the label hardly matters!) has been retrograde since 14th April. 337 more words


september 22nd---pluto direct!!!

Pluto in Capricorn goes direct on Monday, September 22nd.  Our God of the Underworld will exit the retrograde zone next January 12th 2015, of which he has been in since April 14th of this year—9 months, people! 304 more words


september 2nd---ready for the debate?

Mercury moves from Virgo to Libra early Tuesday, September 2nd.  He will stay in the sign of the Scales till the 27th.

This month our Quicksilver Trickster will be in major aspect with all the planets beyond the Asteroid Belt save Saturn and Neptune.   403 more words