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Pluto Retrograde 14 April 2014

Pluto retrogrades at 4:47 PM PDT, and may get lost so close to the Lunar eclipse. It’s not that this won’t have an effect–it will send out the psychic equivalent of infrasound–but that it will likely be attributed to the boogy man of the eclipse, which has become the catch-all Lunar basket for every menacing vibe around. 274 more words

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2014 Astrological Highlights

Note: all times are Pacific Standard or Daylight Time


1 Wednesday: New Moon 11 Capricorn (3:14 am)
15 Wednesday: Full Moon 26 Cancer (8:52 pm) 433 more words


Mars Retrograde In The News

Let’s break this down first – retrogrades are a cyclical phenomenon caused by differences in orbital speed between Earth & the other planets wherein a planet appears to move backwards in the sky from our perspective here on Earth. 516 more words

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Mon. March 3, 2014: Retrogrades & Why You Need A Professonal-Level Editor

Monday, March 3, 2014
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde

I’ll have my March To-Do list up on the GDR site shortly. 685 more words