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Star Wars: Episode VII

Cinema Blend released an article on April 17th about the upcoming addition to the Star Wars Saga. After the $4.05 billion deal between Lucas Films… 205 more words

Boba Fett Fans

These are fantastic costumes from our bounty hunter fans! The attention to detail is astounding .. well done you people!

The Empire Strikes Back

Burtt is a Sound Legend!

I’d like everyone to meet the guy that is responsible for all of the sounds that we have all come to love from the star wars world! 12 more words

Star Wars

"We are the E, E, E, E, E, Ewoks": Ewoks Cartoon

Growing up Return of the Jedi was my favourite Star Wars movie. It still is, but I do see the childish aspects to it more clearly now and fully understand that… 160 more words


Star Wars Drinking Game

Now, most of you realize that the point of a drinking game is something that forces you to drink more than you normally would while watching a movie. 124 more words

R2 D2 Bikini Babes montage (part 1)

Following my ever popular blogs of fans in their Princess lea Metal Bikini’s …

I thought I’d better do a montage of those adoring fans of the little droid who … 353 more words

Star Wars

1983 Flashback: Candid Shot from "Return of the Jedi"

April 8, 2014 – Sometimes black-and-white photography is superior to a color photo. Black-and-white pictures capture a mood, accentuate shadows versus light, and force the eye to linger. 25 more words

Return Of The Jedi