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Three months in Zambia, 12 weeks of the most tumultuous but rewarding work many of us will ever experience. The sheer bash your head against the wall frustration of trying to overcome communication problems, to the incomparable highs of a child finally grasping the lesson you’ve spent 8 weeks trying to get across- it was certainly an experience. 340 more words

Restless Development

Three Incentives To Show Up For Work (2014)

1. Security.

2. Paycheck.

3. Yearning to return each day.


And the day after-

Minus any laughter.


WHOOPS I'm Actually Not Dead

So somehow I survived both another year of school and a thirty-three-person reservation. Yeah, I’m back. Can we ignore the fact that I didn’t post anything for a couple of months? 324 more words

*Spoiler* Mark Henry's Role in WWE Upon his Return

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

When Mark Henry returns, he will be part of the new stable that formed on RAW this past Monday.

That stable includes Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston and appears to be WWE’s new version of The Nation of Domination stable from the 90′s.

WWE News And Events

Hey, I'm Back !

Hey, I’m Back

Gouache on heavy watercolour paper

A mother watching her daughter.. coming back from ? We don’t know.. a journey.. a holiday.. .. there is much happiness in this scene.. 78 more words

How To Create a New World - Part 3: The Hero's Journey

            Welcome and salutations, good friends! I hope you came prepared to go on a journey. A very long journey. One filled with danger, suspense, thrills, chills, epic epicness of epic levels! 1,474 more words


Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.