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Lime Green Army Returns

BOBSLED,Lime Green Army Capital- The Lime Green Army has returned to our community has returned for a new generation, with much more in store for the army, the LGA has returned with the hope to once again dominate the community. 589 more words

Army News


Stop the hearts of the people.
Rip the dark as they sink in joy.
Burn the stakes and let the crowd shout:
There is no justice! 169 more words


Remembering our foundation

We are facing global crises in America today and everyone seems to be running around trying to fix it. You hear people say we need to forge ahead, leave the past behind and try new innovative ways if we want to save our country all the while the cracks in our nations foundation get bigger. 123 more words


Ten months of silence here on The Porch while I channelled all available energy into the war my immune system has been waging for more than a year now. 87 more words


Im back... Again

Apologies for the repeated inactivity.

THIS time, i should be back for at least more than a month.

(Sadly, however, my new internet is VERY slow, i may not be able to do as much as before.)


the end of the world.

I’d forgotten about the smells. Every inhalation is an intoxicant. Returning to Mysore is a trip.

I arrived on the tail end of weeks of sleeplessness and living in freezing temperatures without heat and water. 293 more words


Back to Square One

So after a lot of hits and trials and errors, I have finally come up with a decision as to what all corrections to make. The first thing I did was give proper titles to the last few posts, which were otherwise only numbered and gave little meaning to the post. 354 more words