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What is a Return and Why Should I Care?

The word return has multiple definitions, most commonly referred to as the act of bringing an object back to its original starting place. But the word return has a much deeper meaning in life than that. 630 more words


2:7 Scimitar: How it will all end (11/5/2014)

@JBlitz I predict that in the last episode of the show, Red #1 will ‘allow’ Liz #2 to kill him. With the other Blacklisters dead, that will be the end of his journey of redemption. 61 more words

Return From Hiatus

Hello All,

I’ve finally returned from a long gap in entries. Life has been pretty rough the past few months, and I went into survival mode to ensure that I got everything done that I needed to; and still some things fell through the cracks. 166 more words

Intro no 2: I think it is time

I think it is time to return to this, I think I need this.

First of all, time passed. Since the beginning of RIME things changed, I changed. 235 more words

Are Firing Squads Making A Return In Utah?

Last Wednesday, the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee in Utah voted 9-2 to approve legislation that would bring back firing squads for executions. … 75 more words



I’m back from the Dead

Living un-hindred

Travelling roads

A soul unwithered

I am back from the Dead

You need to meet my Cat

10 years ago, living in Brisbane, we went to the RSPCA one weekend, and, setting a pattern we follow routinely, we came home with a kitten. 550 more words

Well, Hello There