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Moving Forward

Y’know what happens when you start several projects, and then end up stalled on all of them? You wait. And wait. And wait some more. 945 more words


September 1965 - I: Why Now?

Two separate yet related incidents have brought about the need to revisit the 1965 war. The first was an announcement that the IAF would commemorate the 1965 war from 05 Sep 14 to 04 Sep 15. 1,664 more words

Memory Lane

September 1965 - IV: "Some hits, Some Misses"

It is time to move on to what some could describe as a slugfest between the two Air Forces. Some events have been recorded in the… 1,705 more words

Memory Lane

Day 99 - The College Philosopher

The coffee splashed as sugar trickled into it, swirling around the vortex that the spoon created blending the two together. Tyler carried the mug outside to the table where Rebecca was dipping her tea bag, watching him. 345 more words

The Here And Now

day 286/october 13, 2014

Everyone has those friends who run in different circles. The ones you never see, but with whom you share lots of wonderful, old memories, and when you’re together, it’s like it hasn’t been weeks / months / years since you last hung out. 175 more words

Charlie Troop Reunion - Pigeon Forge, TN October 2014

The 3rd Annual Charlie Troop Reunion was held from October 2nd thru the 5th, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The following Troopers were in attendance:



  All 8 of us served in the Blues together. 919 more words

Charlie Troop 1/9 Cav

How A Song That Made Me Cry, Can Make Me Laugh

I know it’s wrong, but this song makes me giggle.

I know that’s weird.  It’s arguably one of the most-depressing songs ever written.

So let me explain.  182 more words