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This post is about atheism. I am atheist and I am unhappy to see great spirit(It is irony) playing smart when they are not.
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When Will You Ever Stop Finding Yourself?

I don’t know either. Maybe you will never. Maybe the whole purpose of life is to constantly & relentlessly find yourself in different points & milestones of your journey here on Earth through your experiences while giving parts of yourself to others at the same time. 943 more words


(7) Discovering Islam: Converts to Islam (Part 4) – Towards God-conscious way of righteous living

(7) Converts to Islam (Part 4) – Towards God-conscious way of righteous living    

People convert to Islam for a number of reasons, notably because of Islam’s concept and message – that it is not a new religion founded by Prophet Muhammad but a consolidation, advancement and completion of the teachings of all the previous prophets of God for all mankind. 1,258 more words

Discovering Islam

Entrance to the Dark Age

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The future’s so sad.

It’s getting out of hand.

The people are starting

To raise their upper hand. 189 more words


A Favorite Biblical Verse - Revelations 19

“I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.  With justice he judges and makes war.   352 more words


please locate the nearest exit...

aunt bea
moving to and fro
on the old
front porch swing
have you noticed
after years
of warning
folks have finally
that climate change… 33 more words



At school, I watched Azaria and Anthony and Karina and Floppy while we talked. Why is there always some division in presence? Like they’re not really there, and neither am I. 553 more words