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NaPoWriMo Day #17
Poetry form: Quintain

It is remarkably difficult to find
that moment in the middle of a day
when nothing is on your mind, 19 more words


Revelations - The Beginning script tease

As a young boy, after his twin brother died and his mother committed suicide, Michael Goodson started to have visions. Some were good, some were bad. 32 more words


Death To My Haters

I bring death to my haters with my words alone

don’t need to be gutter and grip the chrome

took the lookout man out before he made it home… 125 more words


Jesus the Zealot

For the Lenten season, I decided to make a “religious” detour and postponed some of my on-going projects for something about belief. Though I have a lot of unread books about atheism, Eastern belief systems, and sociology of religion, I thought of rereading a favorite… 1,457 more words


Ask me about my... finish line.

It’s a long story, but go with me for a second. It all starts with the night I introduced a girlfriend I once had to a very smart and perceptive friend, and the night didn’t go quite so well. 697 more words

Deep In These Streets

I get love across the entire nation

you sheep are stuck sitting on the toilet dealing with constipation

nobody can stop me but myself because I’m… 18 more words


Widower... I really don't like that term.

I am a widower.  That word rolls off my tongue with such a foul taste as I said it out loud.   “W I D O W E R, widower,”  almost acidic is the flavor it leaves in my mouth.   140 more words