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Unseen Identity

My identity was a big issue when I was a teenager, and I had a lot of questions, like: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Who do I belong to?’ But when I was still quite young, I decided that belonging is a tough process in life, and I’d better say I belonged to myself and the world rather than belonging to one nationality or another. 339 more words

Random Bloggerings

Mid-winter in the garden

…and it’s surprisingly abundant

Every other week I get to be ‘chief cook and bottle washer’ in the garden as my better half undertakes tasks away from home: improving the world, one person at a a time :) 200 more words

Veggie Garden

Not-So-Random Writing Prompt 15: Escalation, Pt. 4

After the weapons, came the armor. After the armor came stronger weapons to overcome it. Stronger weapons required more vicious warriors. More vicious warriors gave rise to more desperate defenders. 141 more words

Speculative Fiction

His Daughter...

She is beautiful. She is smart and kind. She trusts with an open heart – even though others might unintentionally hurt her. Sometimes, she feels that everybody else is ahead of her in the game of life…that she has to make a real effort to make a friend…but God says that it is okay to go at her own pace. 1,133 more words



thank you

I tend to have a lot of these revelations, and I don’t think it’s because I’m any wiser than anyone else (or even any wiser than my past self…), only that I like to think about life things as I figure them out. 978 more words


Old Friends

As a child, I did not have a lot of friends… as an adult, that has not changed much. I do, however, have dozens of special friends. 492 more words


Who Could Predict The Light Coming On In Their Soul? | Daily Prompt

I did not reply to the original prompt predicting my future… no doubt I would’ve had something depressing and negative but hopeful to say.

Now that I am brand new, positive, writer Precious… I will gladly tell you how… 332 more words