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coming home & project week "summary"

heeey, i hope everyone is fine because i certainly am. even though i missed a lot of people from campus and i was really looking forward to “coming come” to my “room” on campus, i didn’t think i would be THIS happy to come back. 344 more words

College Life

reflections of yesterday...

don’t make
a sound
keep your eyes
on the ground
you must
and begin
to believe
they’re from
dark space… 80 more words


Sailor's Creed & The Oath of Enlistment - Love of Country, Love of Self

I am a United States Sailor.
I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America and I will obey the orders of those appointed over me. 546 more words


The Book Of Revelations Chapter 4-20 - The Bible

From starting with the water colour painting `The Red Dragon` illustrations based on the book of revelation I thought the most logical step to take would to start reading or reading extracts of the bible in particular the book of revelation. 363 more words


Sidenote: Even When SUPER jealous, ACT COOL!!!

I actually was a good girl when my friend told me of her existence… And I saw her face… At the time I chose NOT to even know the ex/current wife’s name… 20 more words

Obedience & Fear

God is not a God of fear. Fear comes from sin and the enemy, Hasatan (Devil, Satan, etc.). It has no root or attachment to our God because He is not a God of fear. 523 more words