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Whilst maintaining our University education illustration, we should very much understand the things that will be, as prophesied in the Scripture of truth. Now we all know that celebration is so certain after the graduation, even before being launched into a business world. 978 more words

Eventful Life

Revelations of Personal Growth

I’ve been on a big nostalgia kick lately. I just really enjoy looking back and seeing how far I’ve come, how much greater I am than I was before, and pondering how much greater I will be. 597 more words


Toast to the King chapter 4 of Revelations, book 3 of Princes and Priests


CHAPTER FOUR                  .

Toast to the King

The Port city of Dychant wasn’t all that large, but it was a trade harbor that flowed with people. 9,566 more words

Indie Author

Jadda, chapter 3 of Revelations, book 3 of Princes and Priests

CHAPTER THREE                .


The prison was unpleasant, Ivan decided, even by prison standards. The smell was worse than most, but then, most didn’t have the rotting corpses of the dead still locked in cuffs. 4,885 more words


His Will chapter 2/ book 3 Princes and Priests

CHAPTER TWO                     .

His Will

The wind tugged Tavia’s hair for a moment and then it raced off in a column of heat that became a little whirlwind spinning across the hill. 3,841 more words


Lightning and Thunder chapter 1 of Revelations, book 3 of Princes and Priests

CHAPTER ONE                    .

Lightning and Thunder

Theo knew that there was something very wrong before they had even gone out onto the street. It felt like little bugs crawling over his back. 15,629 more words


Introduction Revelations, book three of Princes and Priests

Introduction                            .


“What’s wrong?” Theo asked Shannon.

“They have split up. Oirion and Ivan have been taken, I think.”

“What now, then? We go after Dave?” 17,615 more words