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Give to Give

We’ve all heard give so you can receive and that’s exactly why we give. Especially in this holiday season there is almost an obligation to give, as if your not expected to every other time in the year (I’m totally talking to myself btw lol). 299 more words


Cranberry truffles acting fishy

A couple of days ago I made some truffles for my fiancé and his family. It was a well known recipe to me, and I was excited to show them all how good chocolate truffles could be… 487 more words



Of the fallout with the best in heart,
only few remain to see the art
that lies in life’s dark parts.
The others wish away all that was, 70 more words


Changes Abound

The last week or so has been really hectic and now that I’m home visiting my parents and getting a bit of rest, I’ve had some time to reflect. 873 more words

The Lamb and the Lion

The Jews believed that their messiah would be the Lion of Judah come to free them from the oppression of Rome so they did not recognize Jesus, the Lamb of God who came to save all men by dying on the Cross. 925 more words

Writing Secondary Characters from the Inside Out

My growth as a writer consists largely of “Well, DUH!” moments, where I realize in a blazing epiphany something super obvious I should have known all along. 589 more words

For Those Who Follow

When will our machines, computers, robotics and technology become an unmanageable force?

When they become self-aware or when they become aware of their self-awareness?

Once they become self-aware, we could probably still manage their actions by lying to them, but after they become aware of what they are, the lies would not work anymore. 177 more words

In Search Of Truth