Tornado Marineflieger - 3

Hi everybody! It seems that nothing much has been done in the past week but you probably know that feeling, when you spend hours on the model kit and little can be seen done. 146 more words


Panavia Tornado; Marineflieger – 2

Update no.2!

Since this is gonna be wheels up model, gear bays were not installed. This in fact helped positioning the doors which fit rather decently in closed position and only a little bit of filling and sanding are needed for fixing them up. 147 more words


Panavia Tornado; Marineflieger - 1

Next “work in progress” project I want to share with you is gonna be a German Navy (Marineflieger) Panavia Tornado IDS. I always liked the old-school look of white-grey Tornados armed with Kormoran anti-ship missiles, dashing low over Baltic Sea and that’s my vision I’ll try to recreate. 169 more words