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You really did learn everything you needed to know in kindergarten.

One of the most important lessons we teach our children is to share. Those of you with children know this is often a hard sell. IT’S MINE is declared about the object in question and often this is true. 472 more words


The Summer of Love. Well, The Summer of You're an Asshole

Oh hey there, it’s been a while hasn’t it! I do apologise, I was busy having a nervous breakdown. Well not quite, but I’m pretty sure I came close to cutting a bitch, or throwing myself into the Clyde (a river in Glasgow) which is every bit as depressing as it sounds! 2,392 more words


Dark Side

Stephanie Marshall’s hand closed around the knife, the blade slicing into her skin. It stung but she closed her eyes against the pain, willing it away. 2,366 more words

Creative Writing

The Meet and Greet

I’ve sharpened the blade, I’ve ground the herbs, and the flames have been lit. My arm is starting to get tired from the incessant stirring of this pot…okay cauldron…potato, potahto. 522 more words

Short Story

A Florida Home Invasion Is The Best Episode Of ‘Revenge’ Ever

What seemed like an ordinary Florida home invasion and shooting is turning into one of the soapiest real-life affairs in recent memory. Grab some popcorn and a… 382 more words

Web Culture

How I Am Getting Used to My New Diet

Disclaimer: I am not super skinny, so please don’t think I am some basic chick complaining about my weight, when I don’t actually have anything to complain about. 288 more words

Thunder Gods and lavender fields

Rupture of noise, succeeds the storm.

blood sands texture like spice.

flaming afterlife, flesh like ice.

threads silken gold.

combat dirt pine, always sold.

stories lost, weak and untold. 30 more words