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“Doggy Revenge” by Valerie Benko

This story appears in the anthology “Not Your Mother’s Book…On Dogs.”

They say revenge is sweet. Here’s what I’ve always wondered: who is “they” and how “sweet” was the revenge? 976 more words


Parenthood 6.03. Greys 11.03. Revenge 4.01. Revenge 4.02. American Horror Srory 4.01. Bad Judge 1.01. Bad Judge 1.02. Castle 7.03. The Simpsons 26.02. The Simpsons 26.03. Faking It 2.03

Whatever episodes were missing, they’re all here. Next on the list, writing reviews of the hundred films I have seen and logged them in my letterboxd, but never found time to post them. 1,506 more words

Tv Series

Never Leave Someone In Lurch else......

Doctor ‘Am sorry to say, she will expire in 1 week time’

Mother ‘She is my only daughter save her’

Doctor ‘No chances..’

Suddenly the Mother shrieks… 56 more words

Nothing Like

I am nothing like
the tiny slip of a thing you have now.
I am nothing like
the babysmell of soft curls she bore you. 69 more words


The Writing On The Wall (K.Blais)

This week there has been a little bit of investigating going on in regards to “the writing on the wall”. In the little world where I spend many hours of my day, the writing on the wall has caused a tremendous amount of hurt and wondering. 741 more words


Revenge: Afghan mother kills 25 Taliban who killed her son

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Thanksgiving doorbuster specials mean something entirely different in Afghanistan.

The Taliban are taking credit for a car-bomb attack on a British Embassy convoy in Kabul. 181 more words


Good Help is Hard to Find

This one is probably rough…I didn’t edit it at all.


Victor Speed hated Matthew Pilson. Hated probably isn’t even the right word–He loathed him. Hatred merely implies a feeling of intense dislike, but loathing adds disgust to that dislike. 1,945 more words