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It was the nightmare that would not end,

The day my world changed forever,

The day my love died.

The blood-red handkerchief strangled in my grasp, 321 more words


Adorable vandal caught red-handed slashing tires in act of "revenge"

BRAMPTON, England – For the past six months, residents of a small town in England have been keeping a close eye on their vehicles.

Police say several cars over the months were vandalized, left with punctured tires. 163 more words


Lucky Number Slevin

My posts will be lighter on content for a little bit while I catch up on the backlog of films I’ve been watching. My apologies to my readers. 25 more words


Friday Five: We All Bleed Blue, Caffeine Needs and More

Waking up is never easy, but after last night’s TRIPLE OT winner – there really is not enough coffee in the world. Alas, it’s been a good week and will be an even better weekend. 220 more words

Life, Love And Puppy Licks

Happy Birthday, asshole

Happy birthday, asshole. I want my turtles back.

So, it turns out that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve spent trying to get over someone, there are still going to be memories of them lurking anywhere and everywhere in your life. 344 more words


Graphic Content #010

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Graphic Content

A Pound of Flesh

I want to wither your crops
and poison your rivers,
destroy all your books,
change your history forever.
I want to burn your homes
down to piles of black ash, 30 more words