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Things I Will NOT Do Today

People write “To Do” lists all the time. You know what I think I really need? A NOT-To-Do list. I’m totally into staying positive, but honestly, couldn’t we all use a quick dose of “don’t do that”? 420 more words

Stuff That Bugs Me

Ten of Hearts

Ten Of Hearts

When I saw the Ten of Hearts lying on the top step of my doorstep I should’ve been suspicious. The card was placed meticulously with the intent of perfect asymmetry. 2,936 more words



I fell off the wagon again, but that’s not the point.

Do you know what it’s like, to struggle with addiction? It’s not easy. It’s so easy as someone on the outside to point fingers, to say that addiction is not really addiction, that it’s not a disease – that the problem drunks like me have is not the drinking itself but a weakness of character. 385 more words


BOYS 2014

How would you like it
if I had 7 others mounting
me like ravenous cats?
Each of which, have their
intricacies splattered
across a bar the next day… 131 more words


Review Drama Korea : Secret (2013)

Genre : Melodrama, Romance, Revenge

Jumlah Episode : 16

Casts : Bae Soo Bin, Hwang Jung Eum, Ji Sung, Lee Da Hee

Sebenernya Secret itu drama tahun lalu, tapi berhubung banyak banget review yang bilang bagus, ditambah lagi deretan penghargaan dan nominasi untuk berbagai elemen di drama ini, akhirnya masuk deh ke daftar drakor yang mau saya tonton. 722 more words


Heartfelt Expressions I

There has been some stuff that I have uncovered from my time as an activist.

It is a story of lies, gossip, subterfuge, innuendo, and creepy lurking by an OAP bisexual. 357 more words


Review: John Wick

John Wick.

Keanu is back. He’s been somewhat of a joke recently, with his career being a bit tumultuous following The Matrix. This new revenge film… 609 more words

I Am Your Target Demographic