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Fire and Ice make a vow

The young woman sat up in the tree barely moving a muscle.  She had been there for half the day, her bow held in her hand with an arrow notched in anticipation. 562 more words

Matre: Scheming - April 17, 2014


*Matre stepped out into the night. His thoughts on how exactly to get to Emma.  It was slowly becoming an obsession of his.  He looked up at the moon and let it’s light beat down on him. 385 more words

DPTR Story Lines

Your Worst Enemy

Occasionally, I remember Brand New and the music I loved in high school. Sure, I’ve had friendships and relationships end in heartbreak, despair, disappointment, and disbelief: a burning mass of heart and feelings. 96 more words

Sneak peek: ‘Revenge’ season 3 episode 20 "Revolution"

Revenge returns with new episode on April 27 and we’ve got a sneak peek!

In the episode, Victoria gets a marriage proposal from Pascal.

Here’s a preview: 13 more words


Turning Gay in LA

Yesterday, in the faculty lounge, this happened:

Fellow teacher: Hey, how are you?

Me: Good. How are you?

Fellow teacher: How about you? Dating anyone? 904 more words

Dahlia Schweitzer

Hell on Earth: The Revolution

All she could remember was the noise, the deafening noise. Lying in bed, seriously considering calling in to have a four day weekend she thought her heart was going to jump out of her chest. 317 more words



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Timor di successo
inibisce il balivo,
e sordo sarcasmo
gli grida vendetta.

Compensa in ferocia
quanto manca in astuzia. 205 more words

Tristan Corbière