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Gelir Yönetimi Nedir?

Bu yazıda gelir yönetiminin tarihçesini ve sıkıcı bilimsel açıklamalarını yazmaktansa çok güzel bir uyarlamasını sizlerle paylaşmak istiyorum. Farzedelim ki uçak bileti değil de pazardan domates alıyoruz. 324 more words


The advent of OTA loyalty. Are you a Genius?

Regular guests and repeat bookers are known as the holy grail of the hotel industry. Once you’ve got the guest into your hotel, it’s supposed to be relatively easy to get them to come back, providing you’ve met their basic expectations and they’re happy with the conditions of their booking (mainly price, but also upgrades, flexbility and amenities). 646 more words


How to Destroy Hotel Profits with Averages #2: The Dangerous ADR Index - OWL Hotel Analytics and Optimization

By far, the most widely used average in the hotel industry is the Average Daily Rate(ADR). The ADR, and its more talented but less famous sister – RevPAR, are elevated to currency status in the monthly comp set ADR index. 153 more words

Things to consider when you're booking your next hotel stay

Travellers take note, these are the things which hoteliers consider when they’re setting their room rates. Hoteliers take note, if you’re not thinking about these factors, everyone else is and you should be too. 476 more words


Where is your REVENUE coming from?

I find that one of the biggest mistakes which hoteliers make is to look at where their bookings are coming from, when they really should be looking at where their… 238 more words


How Data Hungry Are You?

In today’s ever changing world of market segments, OTAs and channels, the role of the Revenue Manager is continuously revolving  No longer can we just sit behind a desk and study our historical data and compare our pace reports to produce a strategic campaign. 371 more words

Business Intelligence

Distrust destroys profits, trust ethos breeds loyalty.

I was sitting in the lobby lounge of a modest country hotel, four star, branded outfit, enjoying a beverage today and witnessed a hospitality disaster. The disaster in question sparked my first blog, where I expressed my opinion of trust within hospitality. 284 more words