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reverie: hotel le negresco

today I am dreaming of the sunshine and beach life in Nice. particularly Hotel Le Negresco. bright blue water and summer warmth sound amazing.


Thursday's Reverie: Ocean Depths

{Ocean Depths.}

There is a wild & mysterious romance to the ocean depths. Not knowing what lies below. Having to dive in to see & experience. 167 more words

Are the wolves really back...

I was watching the news this morning and discovered that there is a pair of wolves nearby, warnings everywhere, of course … oh, the wolf is a beautiful creature and it’s not often they are around these woods. 334 more words


slow down

We spend all our lives just trying to survive. Wake up. Sip coffee. Make money. Run here for this and hurry there for that. Then try to get enough sleep and be awake enough to do precisely the exact same thing tomorrow. 194 more words


why this writer likes blogging

I know of a blogger who migrated his words to another blog so he feels less inhibited. I won’t tell because I want to keep this to myself. 598 more words


What Being "Selfish" Means (To Me)

The word “selfish” has many negative connotations. In a lot of instances, that might be rightfully so. But just as Meredith Brooks redefined the word “bitch”, I think we should take a moment to reconsider what it means to be selfish. 369 more words