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'Reverie' - new single from Resonance, out now

Anyone else feeling summery? If you’re not, you obviously haven’t listened to the track above. Perfectly timed to coincide with the glorious UK weather we’ve been having (surely it can’t last long), Resonance’s latest single is a rhythmic, fun gift of a track. 54 more words




Bad gals love fashion and this post is no different. It’s hawt, direct, and straight to the point. If you’re looking to make a statement, then this is the look for you ladies. 178 more words


Wisdom, Cynicism, Glamour, and Wit: Wouldn't You Like a Bit of it?

Oh, Adam. How you wound me so.

Irony and cynicism are red herrings. As long as everyone’s in on the kayfabe, it’s a great big joshing joke.

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Rivaled Reverie

Pardon my puns and proclivity
But not really or that might be cliche of me…
You see I like to believe I have the tenacity… 74 more words



2 a.m. and finally the world is at a standstill. Coffee in hand, thoughts left to wander, suppined by the windowsill. Never in my wildest dreams would I even think of staying up so late for something so naïve as cramming a reflection paper on the mundane cultures of the typical starbucks-sipping, summer-loving humanoids we have grown to call the teenagers of today. 271 more words

Jumbled Thoughts And Random Jargon

So Many Blogs, a Reverie

Because the novel I’m writing now focuses on World War II, I have read a lot of literature and fiction about the period.  I have set up another website, which has taken up most of the spare writing time not been devoted to the novel. 72 more words


Dipping my toes into reverie and free writes and peach ice cream on this beautiful summer day, and wishing each of you a day just as beautiful. 186 more words