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A new brand of celebrity: Micro.


A cultural shift is happening. Who we consider to be a celebrity now and who our parents considered to be celebrities in their day are two very different people. 1,407 more words

Prose Poem: An Autumn Long Gone, A Reverie

It was the year we lived in London, some 25 years ago, when autumn began like any other autumn. The fall, the changing, the color shifting, the soft breezes, the sporadic thick fog and the leaves dancing, even floating upward at times.

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Have been busy, doing what, who knows… Its sabbatum, and the weekend, and I have been blessed with a temperature. Gorgeous day as well, so typical!! 338 more words


*The only thing that looks good on Me....Is ..You!!*

*Subbie is Wearing*

*Outfit-Dirty Princess-Hot Princess body stocking*



Lil Subbie

New! Write for Us!

We want to dedicate our Wednesday’s to featuring a poem from the community.

That means we want your work!

So if you’re interested in submitting to be featured on the site, please visit our… 40 more words


Fundraising Part 2: Performing

As organisations face significant cuts from statutory funding sources, fundraisers are challenged to find new and creative ways to fund the arts. Over the course of this series The Sound of Southern (SOS) Guide will focus on several different ways in which you can acquire funding, whether it is for small projects or long-term sustainability. 955 more words



After secret kisses under the cover of the willow tree

When the dew starts falling, lie by me

In the grassy field

to watch as the sky darkens… 37 more words