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on Carl Sagan

I’m a geek. So now you know that about me too. Haunted by Nolan’s Interstellar– which didn’t quite meet my expectations–  I rifled through my library and found something to soothe my disappointment. 163 more words


The Man Who Laughs

For R. Williams, the man who laughs

Pity the man who laughs
Breathless in front of smiling faces
Feeling less than a shadow
Pity the man who laughs… 104 more words


To dream while washing the previous evening's dishes


“I’m a Poet by occupation, and a Dishwasher by inclination”

-The President and Founder

“He looked out the kitchen window”

Once more lost (was I) in a dish washing induced reverie*

80 more words

The Month of Hats

Hey everyone! Sorry for being absent from the blog for awhile. The summer was really busy since I was working full time, and once the semester started, things got even crazier. 312 more words


In Praise of Parliament

I have had the great pleasure of working in Canada for eleven years now, commuting from my home in idyllic Tonawanda, New York, which lies between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, to St. 750 more words


On Selfishness

At certain point of our lives we have to be selfish..

For us to know who we really are

…what we really want

and where to go… 23 more words