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our “earth-like” home world
(once flat) now having a ball . . .
spiraling the sun


R is for Reverie

I’m a daydreamer. FACT. Sometimes it’s what helps me get through a tough (or boring) day. What helps me fall asleep. What helps me on a long journey. 246 more words

A To Z April Challenge


enshrined (cast adrift)
must we ignore every wave . . .
seasonal affect


A brief respite

A brief respite

My two daughters and I will be driving down to Orlando, stopping first in St. Augustine, for their spring break.

I’ll not be uploading to my website during that time, although I will have my iPad with me in the event the muse strikes. 61 more words


all revved

(the place is) all revved
in dream poesy manner . . .
“RUMBLING” reveries



cool spring afterlight . . .
the hazy moon (full yellow)
moves dark in silver