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Reverse Engineer then Drive LCD with FPGA

Fans of know that he has a soft spot for pinball machines and his projects that revolve around that topic tend to be pretty epic. This is a good example. 291 more words

Video Hacks

Perancangan Ulang Model Chuck Jaws untuk Chuck tiga rahang Mesin Bubut “CIMONET” di Lab. Pemesinan POLBAN



Perancangan Ulang Model Chuck Jaws untuk Chuck tiga rahang Mesin Bubut “CIMONET” di Lab. Pemesinan POLBAN





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Masamune Soshu :The Making of the tachi and tantō of reverse engineering .

Gorō Nyūdō Masamune is the greatest swordsmith of all time the process of making the sword also known as Kâtanâ is a lengthy hard process so ours as Samurais of code we need to have the finnet most cutting-edge tools that will help us in shredding software code to find the tiniest flaws to exploit . 780 more words

What's Up? Cloundships!

Ever since I heard Sean Gautreaux as a guest on John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight I have been captivated by the possibility of cloaked or even camouflaged craft that may be silently hovering above us at any given time. 151 more words


Practical malware analysis review

So I’ve been interested in Malware analysis for a while now and decided to download “Practical malware anaysis”. I’m about 5 chapters into the book and decided to document my journey with it thus far. 117 more words

Malware Analysis

Black Triangle filmed over Royorsford, Penn!

From MUFON case no. 62573

Some of the best footage to date of the infamous and illusive black triangle has been submitted to MUFON on today, the 12th of January. 158 more words


Alien Technology Documentary

Alien Technology Documentary by Scott McClintock
Hosted by Stacy Keach

Alien Technology Will Blow Your Mind – Full HD

“Hosted by Stacy Keach, the documentary Alien Technology attempts to show how the federal government has kept the remains of crashed alien spaceships and used the technology on board them in order to advance the progress of men on Earth.” ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi… 46 more words