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Black Triangle Skips Over Huntsville, Texas

In the skies over Huntsville, Texas

A Black Triangle was captured by a photographer with his DSLR camera on video. The witness reports states that the craft was spinning and seemed to be emitting a type of energy. 20 more words


Reverse Engineering a Bathroom Scale for Automated Weight Tracking

 recently purchased a fancy new bathroom scale. Unlike an average bathroom scale, this one came with a wireless digital display. The user stands on the scale and the base unit transmits the weight measurement to the display using infrared signals. 335 more words

Raspberry Pi

Reverse Engineering Altium Files

Several times in the last few weeks, I’ve heard people say, ‘this will be the last PCB I design in Eagle.’ That’s bad news for CadSoft, but if there’s one thing Eagle has done right, its their switch to an XML file format. 221 more words

Software Development

Possible TR-3B Spotted Over Pennsylvania

A photo snapped on September 20th of this year, submitted today (Oct. 9th 2014) from a former law-enforcement officer in Clairfield, Pennsylvania features an mistakable black triangle. 46 more words


Reverse Engineering Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Star Wars: Yoda Stories was released by LucasArts in 1997 to minimal critical acclaim. As IGN said, “like Phantom Menace proved, just because it’s Star Wars doesn’t mean it’s good.” This didn’t stop from playing it, and years later, taking an interest in reverse engineering the game. 175 more words

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CSAW CTF Quals 2014 - eggshells (100) writeup

Here is the link of the zip file and the question http://shell-storm.org/repo/CTF/CSAW-2014/Reverse_Engineering/eggshells-100/

The question is :

I trust people on the internet all the time, do you? 166 more words

Black Triangle Sighting: Valley Center, Kansas

An ominous yet ever familiar black triangle was captured on Friday October 3rd in Valley Center, Kansas. According to MUFON Case number 60432 was submitted today, Tuesday October 2nd. 31 more words