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Investigating data behind forms in AX

If you are new to Dynamics AX and work on the functional side of things. If you have to write specifications for a modification you want, or you are investigating a data issue, or understanding the data model to investigate for reporting and BI then there are some good tools in AX to allow you to understand what is in the data model behind what you are looking at. 193 more words

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3D Models - Are we moving forwards or backwards?

There is no doubt that 3D modelling has helped liberate design engineers, expanded opportunities, accelerated product development and help shorten new product development timescales.

But is the proliferation of 3D modelling software driving up manufacturing costs? 327 more words


Design World: 3D Scanning and Printing Used to Retrofit Lotus 340R

“While some companies are promising an entire car made of 3D-printed parts, C.ideas, a rapid prototyping company, is using 3D scanning and printing technologies to create and manufacture replacement parts for rare vehicles. 149 more words

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Five Dollar RF Controlled Light Sockets

This is tens of thousands of dollars worth of market research I’m about to spill, so buckle up. I have a spreadsheet filled with hundreds of projects and products that are solutions to ‘home automation’ according to their creators. 382 more words

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A time-based anti-debugging technique using the Kernel Transaction Manager

Anti-debugging techniques have been known for a long time. One way to detect the presence of debuggers (and also DBI frameworks like Pin, emulators, etc) is by measuring the time taken to execute a piece of code and comparing it against a maximum tolerated amount of time. 486 more words

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