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Taste Test – SoLo Gi® Energy & Nutrition Bars

If you’ve recently cruised the supplement/energy bar aisle of your favourite grocery store or drug store, I’m sure you have noticed there are countless varieties of bars vying for shelf space, and your attention. 837 more words


Old Scars and Empty Promises


In “Old Scars,” it was the anniversary of Jacob’s death.  Lucile said how she was still grieving even though Jacob returned.  She still had to experience the pain of loss and had to live through 32 years without her son.   247 more words


Over the Hump (SPOILERS)


Constantly, family members compete with one another.  They complain that the other is more attractive, smarter, more popular, etc.  In the case of “Awkward,” Jenna competes with her mother. 258 more words


Thank God It Doesn't Have Voice Chat

The league of legends is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) created by Riot Games that requires 10 players – 5 a side with the aim of battling through hordes of minions to get to the other team’s nexus and ultimately destroying it. 697 more words


Snow (2004, dir. Alex Zamm)

“Christmas brings out all the freaks,” says an exasperated zoo guard in Snow, when he finds a man talking to one of the specially imported reindeer. 432 more words

Film Review

A War On Two Fronts

It is a late announcement but Valkyria Chronicles recently released for PC on November 11. Before, Valkyria Chronicles was a PlayStation 3 exclusive for years, and when it finally made its way to PC, it was released at a very generous $20 on… 261 more words


Apple Crumb Pie

So we ordered a pie from our coworker’s daughter, you know, the ones they sell as a school fundraiser. My boyfriend got all kinds of excited when he saw that they were selling an apple crumb pie, but when we got it they gave us bumbleberry pie. 442 more words