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Roslyn Russell, Maria returns: Barbados to Mansfield Park (Review)

A week or so ago my local Jane Austen group had a guest speaker at our meeting, Roslyn Russell, the author of Maria returns to Barbados… 1,678 more words

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Tara June Winch, Swallow the air (Review for Indigenous Literature Week)

Tara June Winch’s Swallow the air is another book that has been languishing too long on my TBR pile, though not as long as Sara Dowse’s… 1,049 more words

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Sara Dowse, Schemetime (Review)

What Sara Dowse didn’t know when she recently commented here on her love-hate relationship with Los Angeles was that I was in the closing stages of reading… 1,029 more words

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Wallace Stegner, Crossing to safety (Review)

Nearly two decades ago, I read Wallace Stegner’s Angle of repose. I loved it. Indeed, for many years I had the following quote from it on my work whiteboard: “Civilisations grow by agreements and accommodations and accretions, not by repudiations”. 1,187 more words

Review - Novels

YA Adventures in Kindle: "Silence"

So, I hit the Kindle store again and emerged with a tonne of new novels. My first book of this lot will be Silence 1,232 more words


Howard Goldenberg, Carrots and Jaffas (Review)

Howard Goldenberg, we are told in “About the Author” at the back of his debut novel Carrots and Jaffas, is the sole practitioner of a literary genre – the rhyming medical referral letter! 1,004 more words

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YA Adventures in Kindle: "A Quest of Heroes"

So…it’s been a very long time since my last review. I’ve been busy through the roof with dissertations and creative writing folios and exams and this and that… Jeez, it’s nice to sit down with a frustratingly awful book at the end of the day. 1,527 more words