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Lucy (2014) Review - Insultingly Terrible

Don’t waste your time with this nonsense. Whatever misguided assumptions you’ve made from the trailer, they’re wrong. This was not only a waste of money, but a waste of time as well. 544 more words


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990) - Not Too Shabby

With the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taking over the 80′s and 90′s, it was inevitable there would be a feature film. What’s more surprising is that it was actually decent, and holds up well today. 587 more words


Snowpiercer Review - Almost Clean as Snow

Post-Apocalypse has become its own genre. The best stories under this umbrella don’t focus on the hows or whys, but rather the new world order that evolved out of this cataclysmic reset button. 497 more words


V for Vendetta (Movie) - Vroom

While the movie industry has superhero flicks nailed, it didn’t happen without some growing pains. The same goes for comic book movies not based on superhero licenses. 572 more words


The Lego Movie Review


Lego as a brand has its permanent place in history. What began as a big part of most kids’ childhood has widely expanded, particularly in the last decade.


Maleficent Review


Disney has been on fire lately. Dating back to the mid 2000s, their Pirates of the Caribbean franchise took over the world, followed by massive investments in two of the world’s largest brands ever in Marvel and Star Wars.


22 Jump Street Review - Soon Forgotten

People’s expectations from 21 Jump Street to its sequel, 22 Jump Street have shifted dramatically. Mine included. Sequels are difficult, particularly for comedies. Often times they’re a repeat of the original, albeit bigger and louder. 478 more words