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Wait Till You Meet My Gidget

For the last few weeks, The Nerdling and I have been watching Sally Field. No, not current day Sally Field. Not Forrest Gump Sally Field or… 358 more words


STAR WARS REBELS Review – "Idiot's Array"

Note: This review contains SPOILERS

We need to talk about Kevin. Kevin Hopps, that is. Before, I’ve given him a passtwice, actually. After all, “Fighter Flight” was still really early in the season, and we were still sort of figuring out who these characters are in “Out of Darkness.” I can’t, however, give a pass to his latest episode, “Idiot’s Array.” It’s a bad episode, and though it’s only the first truly bad episode of Rebels, in retrospect we should have seen this coming. 1,100 more words


"Marvel's Agent Carter" Delivers An Elegant, Badass Good Time

This is a review of episodes 1.01 (Pilot) and 1.02. (Bridge and Tunnel). Warning: Minor spoilers follow.


Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-fi, Drama

766 more words

The 12th Doctor's First Season

Being a fan of Doctor Who, I was curious and excited about Peter Capaldi’s interpretation of the character. After receiving Series 8 for Christmas, my family and I plowed through it. 819 more words


STAR WARS REBELS Review – "Path of the Jedi"

Note: This review contains SPOILERS

As I mentioned in my editorial on the series, part of the reason why I watched Star Wars: The Clone Wars – in spite of the fact that most of it was bad – is because I’d heard that there would be more connective tissue between that show, and Star Wars Rebels in upcoming episodes. 1,421 more words