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Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection (2012)

“Hey guys, why don’t we make a zombie movie? I’ve got a bunch of fake blood and a few digital cameras.”

“But we don’t have a script, or any actors, or any talent”. 580 more words


Review: Corridor

From two first-time directors comes Corridor, a Swedish psychological horror-thriller that leaves you clueless about wether the characters are mentally ill, victims of terror or just overly nervous. 883 more words


The Lone Ranger (2013): or The Marmite Movie

Looking around online this movie seems to be viewed one of two ways, critics love it, or hate it. There seems to be very few balanced, middle of the road, opinions. 889 more words


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

Sequels are a tricky thing. In some cases, if the studio is chasing box office numbers, the film descends into an unnecessary copy of the first. 481 more words


husqvarna hatchet review

This is a long term review of the Husqvarna Hatchet. I have used this hatchet for five years and in amongst my other axes is the small utility axe that I reach for more than others. 302 more words


Review: EDGUY - "Space Police - Defenders of the Crown"


  1. Sabre & Torch
  2. Space Police
  3. Defenders of the Crown
  4. Love Tyger
  5. The Realms of Baba Yaga
  6. Rock Me Amadeus
  7. Do Me Like A Caveman…
  8. 443 more words

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Review

We head back to New York City for the second instalment of The Amazing Spider-Man and catch up with Peter Parker and how he is struggling to keep his double life in balance.