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Rewriting a Story

I have done several posts about what I’ve been reading or watching lately, but I haven’t had a post about my next big writing project. About a year ago I finally finished my first novel Finding Home: The Orphan’s Journey. 456 more words


A Clear Checklist

The introduction to Joseph Harris’ “Rewriting” offers a interesting viewpoint of editing academic essays. Harris points out that “ tend to alternate advice between offering that is specific and trivial… and exhortations that are as earnest as they are vague.(pg.3)” This reminded of the difficulties I had writing and revision essays in high school. 161 more words


Time: I Could Use More

Revisions of Dave’s Third Book, have reached the middle of the manuscript’s biggest muddle — just as the school year is beginning.

The situation: My characters have blundered into a terribly, repetitive and deeply confusing series of chapters in a haunted forest. 209 more words


Still Reworking those Revisions you've Edited?

Happy 1st of September y’all! I think you know who it is by now (but in case this is the first mega-amazing post you’re reading to change your life to ultra-awesome, I’ll tell you anyway. 664 more words


The Struggle of Stolen Time

The summer of 2014 is coming to an end and with the arrival of autumn I expect a return of the curious version of writer’s block created by the totally-otherwise-occupied mind. 162 more words

King Of Cobwebs

Sunday Summary: End of August

The kids had a pretty good first week of school. The boy only had three days(the preschool was closed Friday for an inservice). The girl’s teacher sent home a note on Friday that she’s a very nice reader. 680 more words


Dictation Software Surrealism: The Dragon Speaks

Dictation software can be a great help, but I’m not sure that it will ever handle medieval fantasy.

I’ve been in the habit of scribbling scenes directly into notebooks (usually with a lovely Japanese fountain pen!) 249 more words