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NaNoWriMo 2014: Preparing, Week 3: Guest Post: It May be Ugly, but it's Mine...

Lesson from Friend, all the way from October 5, 2004

Do you remember when you were in grade school, and you had to make finger paint art, or macaroni art, or put together something out of clay? 606 more words


Because Sleep Is Overrated...

I’m doing (inter!) National Novel Writing Month again.

Well, sleep actually isn’t overrated. Sleep is awesome, I love sleep. But here’s a list of things that actually *are* overrated when compared to kickstarting a novel: 459 more words

What Happens After the First Draft?

There is so much out there about how to write a novel. It seems like that’s the hardest part of writing: the actual writing.

But is it? 593 more words


Newbie Post #9: Your Novel Is Not Ready to be Seen by Anyone!

So you finished that novel! All 129,000 words are shining and screaming for attention: Read me! Read me! Read me! But they’re not screaming at you. 427 more words


Stopping to Smell the Not-so-Metaphorical Roses

This block has been something else. I had a cold for the first week of class and got a stomach flu during the second weekend. My wonderful mother came to visit just this past weekend, and all the while I have been writing like a mad woman for class (Advanced Fiction Writing, for those of you who don’t know). 463 more words

Making Progress

I am moving along faster than I expected on my work on the second draft of my post-apocalyptic novel. I am now almost two-thirds of the way through this revision, which has been full of cutting, changing, revising, and writing new chapters. 279 more words

The novel is finished - now the fun REALLY begins :-)

Tomorrow night, I begin the process of editing and revising/re-writing my first draft.

I’ve been told that you’re not supposed to edit your own books, much like you’re not supposed to mix or master your own albums.   92 more words

First Novel