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Meaningful Revision in Five Days

Tara Smith of Two Writing Teachers once posed the idea of an in-between study, a study that occurs during the brief pause at the end of one unit and the beginning of another. 1,433 more words

Writing Workshop

Disabilities - Coming Down The Mountain

In ‘Coming Down The Mountain’ there are a variety of stereotypes and counter-stereotypes, an example of an stereotype is from the use of a wide angle shot; because it shows both of the brothers standing and walking next to each other, and the younger brother, who has downs’ syndrome, is for one, wearing ill-fitting clothes and his gait is hunched. 168 more words

Revision Game

Revision Game (with Magenta Principles!):

You play in teams (3-4 probably works best) and each student writes down 3 different things on separate pieces of paper – this could be keywords, characters, themes, topics. 241 more words

5 must have medical apps

There are some days where you could be forgiven for thinking that my phone was a medical prosthetic, the way it never leaves my hand. But it’s not all texting and games! 249 more words

Academic Resources

Lesson Fifteen from a Manuscript Red Line: How Many POV’s Can You Have?

For an intro into where these tips are coming from, please see my post: A Full Manuscript Rejection, or a Gold Mine?  You can also click “Rant Worthy Topics” in my right navigation bar.  339 more words

Jennifer M. Eaton

On grammar and backup

Recently a participant in a Facebook group* posted a poll asking which phrase we would rather use: one using a perhaps stuffy but correct subjunctive (“we suggest the patient be given XX”) or one using a commonly used but incorrect present verb (“we suggest the patient is given XX”). 473 more words

Honoring the Process and Product of Writing

For the last seven weeks, I’ve been home recuperating from two surgeries.  The first was planned, to repair a torn ligament on my foot, while the second, my gallbladder removal – … 1,341 more words