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Understand Me?

So, No One, I have a problem. I have zero qualms about sharing pretty much my entire life with you. My thoughts, feelings, creative expressions, misdeeds, misfortunes? 132 more words

Hope's Commentary

That Last Post Blows so Here's a Revision

“The End of Me”

It stays warm until November
down here in Utah’s Dixie
grackles instead of starlings
downtown streets wastefully wide and did You know today… 229 more words


Holly Lisle is looking for readers and writers to build a community that fosters the growth of new writers.  The readers will have the opportunity to help writers they support to grow and learn, the writers will gain support and assistance where they need it.  30 more words


Isaac Physics

Isaac Physics. Run by Cambridge University for the top of years 11-13, this is a physics and maths “quiz” site. You start by choosing your questions, their difficulty and can filter by concept. 186 more words


How I Edit Different Writing Styles

One question people often have about editing is how I deal with different writing styles.

An author’s writing style can also be referred to as the author’s “voice.” If you read enough books by the same author, you might start to recognize a general flow of the writing. 372 more words


RAFAEL Editing Issues

This past Saturday, I looked at RAFAEL again after putting it aside for a month. My intent was not to line-edit and catch every single typo and misused word (although I couldn’t resist fixing what I happened to see), but what I really wanted to do was go through the story and find big picture issues to fix in a second draft. 347 more words


15-Step Checklist when Teaching a New Class

It’s so much easier to change your teaching style at the beginning of a year than in the middle. This is because new students in a new class after a long summer break are much more receptive to change than the ones who are already used to the way you teach. 1,301 more words