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Hugs Are The Universal Medicine

So, my best friend is away for two weeks.
And it’s the holidays.
And I’m revising.
My human contact is virtually non existent.
And it’s slowly driving me insane. 281 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart

Writing Well VS Writing Well for Academia

One of my assignments for class this week was to take a couple paragraphs of any essay I’ve written this year and rewrite it, taking out 25% of the words in the process. 620 more words


Day 23: Writing Progress

I was able to sit down today and spend time editing a story today; a novelette that got me honourable mention in the Writers of the Future contest a few years back. 41 more words


Best Chemistry Revision Resources

I teach VCE Chemistry at an awesome high-school in Australia. VCE Chemistry can be a difficult subject to learn, and the more help students get from different locations, the better they’ll do in an exam. 740 more words


Simplenote revisions, you SAVED us!

Last week, I created a new item to document notes, ideas, and tasks for the move to our new place. I’ve shared it with Amy so she can refer and add to it. 61 more words


Exam Stress

As it is coming up to exam time for most teenagers, the majority may get feel very stressed during this time period. For me I have a 3 step guide to stoo stressing and relax for a little bit… 331 more words

Irrational Irritability?

Sums up the last couple of days. I haven’t been particularly down apart from at a few points, but often I’ve become easily annoyed by those around me, as if them caring enough to speak to me, or even be around me didn’t make sense, resulting in frustration. 129 more words