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First Finished

I started the first story I ever finished in one of my old notebooks whose first purpose was for my ninth grade health class. When I started writing my story in it, the notebook had only 10 sheets left, and the sole reason I started the story in an old notebook rather than a new one was because I did not think I would finish, so I figured why should I waste a whole new notebook? 204 more words


untitled: a paragraph

In revision, the process by which all writing becomes text, the writer becomes critic, just and dogmatic, and word becomes human, all too human. If these words are to be etched in stone over the author’s submerged person, then they must be sound. 355 more words

From a student revision reflection letter: “I didn’t think that my topic was going to be easy to research and I was generally concerned for myself.”

NaNo Wrap-Up and Scrivener Review

Hey, folks!

WHOOPS on the radio silence. I finished my novel on the 21st and then accidentally took a break from the world. But YES indeed, Draft 1 is finished! 980 more words


Teacher Toolkit

By Anya Gray

Back in September I blogged about our amazing Toolkit that we received as a Teaching and Learning present at the start of the year. 59 more words

Three tips to make your revision time fun and fruitful

by ACCA student blogger Shahroze Naeem

In my last post, I gave three effective tips to manage your study time. Now that your study time has been well-utilized, all you are left with is less than a month at most to revise everything. 465 more words