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The Joys of Revision

It hath begun. The seemingly endless monotony of revision. Wake up, shower, library, £3 meal deal at Sainsbury’s, worrying conversation with your very conscientious lunch break colleague, library again, sneaking in snacks, chewing as quietly as humanly possible, break again? 617 more words

Needless Words?

“Omit needless words.” You’ve heard it, right? Maybe you’ve had it drummed into your head. It comes from Strunk and White’s famous, or infamous, Elements of Style.  919 more words


A Taste of Humble Pie.... A La Mode

Today I got an email from an editor out in San Francisco. We’ll call him Frank. I had sent Frank a draft of a manuscript for a book I’ve been working on tirelessly, thinking he might be a good editorial candidate for me. 436 more words

5 Tips To Help You Revise!

Hey guys it’s Esta and I know there wasn’t a post last week but that’s because me and Liyah have both been very busy with revision for upcoming tests so we have tried to focus on that recently, also we will be revising for the next two weeks but I decided to do a short post for you guys today! 162 more words

Hugs Are The Universal Medicine

So, my best friend is away for two weeks.
And it’s the holidays.
And I’m revising.
My human contact is virtually non existent.
And it’s slowly driving me insane. 281 more words

Leaving Footprints In My Heart