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Festivals of SheyKhala

Now that Serpent Heart is up, my attention turns back to final revisions for Sand of Bone.

Celebrations—when, how, and why—are fantastic worldbuilding tools that can give depth to a culture, move the plot, and reveal character.  929 more words


Changing Dogs in Midstream

Book #2 of THE SLEUTH SISTERS series, as yet untitled, will include dogs. I had chosen a Portuguese Water Dog for Retta, since she’s the sister most likely to have a purebred, exotic, dog, but I’m thinking of switching. 245 more words

Delete post revisions in WordPress

By default, every time you save a post, the earlier version will be kept as a revision. This can be useful in some situations, mostly when you have several editors working on the wordpress site or blog, and there may be problems with the edition. 129 more words

How To

Blog Post 9: Project 3 Reflection

Despite the fact that my group was not able to finish getting through all our papers, the suggestions we gave to each other were very useful. 421 more words


Things I sould change to my working draft of my locavore essay would be:

. Stronger and more specifid thesis statement: Fresh produce; where does it come from? 399 more words

Locavore essay corrections

add the virtues of locavore movement in opening paragraph, then take it apart 

 “As a result of all the large industries and multinational companies, many people have turned to becoming locavores so they do know who they are buying from, where they are buying from, and what is being put into the produce they are buying.” (Expand in more detail) 107 more words

How to Complete the Locavore Re-Write

The most major part of my essay that needs to change are my sources. While I used my interview at the farmers market, I need to use two more sources from that required list, instead of the other outside sources that I used. 154 more words