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Three-Way Mirror With Shadow

Originally posted 11/17/2009; originally titled “Three Men And A Shadow.”

I can see the kid I used to hate,
his arrogance, his secret shame
in lying about something… 313 more words


Feeding Columbus

Originally posted on 11/29/2010; original title, “Squirrel.”

Columbus, fat and matted cat,
half-feral neighborhood terror,
is killing a squirrel on my front lawn
and I have come outside to stop the noise. 204 more words


"I'd Particularly Like to Thank..."

At some point in our writing careers, most of us want to find readers for our work, readers who can give us useful feedback and whose names we’ll generously include in the acknowledgements when our book is published. 746 more words


Godzilla, Or Something Like Godzilla, Dead Ahead

Originally posted 2/21/2012; originally titled “Political Poem For Monster Movie Fans.”

That’s one bad reptile
standing between us
and the way out.

We’re going to have to walk… 172 more words


Moving Forward

Originally published to Kathryn Can on 5/06/2013

I’ve battled one major problem since deciding (now four years ago) to write my novel.  Am I good enough?   592 more words


Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

Originally published to Kathryn Can on 6/22/2012

I adore running.  When the planets align, and I get a chance to run, EVERYTHING is better – my mood, my energy level, my emotions, my attention to my family or work.   274 more words


The Meaning of Interminable (Oh, and Editing)

Complete one draft, on to the next. It’s endless. Yesterday, I had my manuscript printed (the fourth draft, which I finished on the 18th), and have begun to revise  458 more words

NaNoWriMo 2013