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Another Late Post

Tonight was a mix of things. Summer’s heat, and Carolina humidity will beat a person down. Sometimes the best thing one can do is sit down and not move. 127 more words


Looking to the Future

I did not win at Camp Nanowrimo.

It’s not like I went in thinking I was going to win (okay maybe a little) but the more practical side knew better. 256 more words

Sitting Around

Originally posted 12/13/2012.

No one wants to admit that we peaked at Lascaux.  
No one wants to admit that we were pretty much at our apex… 352 more words


Third Draft

I’m just past the half-way point in the third draft of THE IGNORED PROPHECY, which is the sequel to THE SHAMAN’S CURSE.

In the second draft, I cut about 8,000 words, including two characters and two subplots–most of which will either reappear as part of a short story or in the third (as-yet-unnamed) book in the series.  103 more words


Overpass Banners

Originally posted 7/31/2009.

Overpass banners
in red white and blue lettering
flapping above the commuter traffic:

Welcome home,
Sgt. Orozsco,
Private Kenney,
Major Dent.

Love you, 56 more words


Dave Penny Speaks Of Providence

Originally posted 1/6/2012; original title, “Dave Penny In Providence.”

I only walk
in Providence
at night when

the city
looks its best,
dressed in love’s crafty haze, 257 more words