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How to Use Revit Cost Summation

Posted on January 26, 2015, by Curt Egli, Synergis Building Solutions Engineer:

I wanted to post something that has come up in conversation lately.  I have been asked how to do cost summation in Revit.  64 more words


Create a Sanitary to Vent System Transition in Revit

When creating plumbing systems, Revit does not have a default way of showing where the piping changes from sanitary system to a vent system.  This was easy to do in AutoCAD since we just used a different line type or a layer with a different line type to differentiate the vent portion.  196 more words


Show Angled Wings Square to Sheet in Revit

Buildings often have portions that are created at an angle to the main portion of the building.  When this occurs, we want the construction documents to show the angled portion at right angles to the sheet to make effective usage of the sheet space.  663 more words


Show Uncircuited Electrical Devices in Revit

When you have many electrical devices, light fixtures or other items in a Revit project file, it is easy to miss one getting placed on a circuit.  374 more words