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I will not use the other “A” word; not because I have any fear of being put on any watch-list, but because it freaks some of my friends out. 269 more words


The Mobile Revolution Is Here-Join Now

Mobile marketing is exploding. Smart phones and tablets continue to break sales records and now outnumber computers as consumers demand information and video content on the go. 141 more words

Local Search Marketing


Our hearts play a beautiful melody.

A unique and significant beating of the drum, that guides us in ways our mind cannot know or fathom. Spirit and soul as one, our bodies are led through the blazing fires of hell on earth. 135 more words


At this point, I have no awareness of being a girl or a boy. I know nothing about my skin-color, or my ethnicity, or the nation I am living in. 284 more words


The R Word

     A large part of my misspent youth was taken up with the study of Roman and Greek language and culture, their history and their philosophies.  One of the great mysteries of both the Roman and the Greek civilizations is why such civilizations, so carefully grounded and structured, should so completely collapse.  1,466 more words

What's going on in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian crisis has been everywhere in recent months; newspapers, social media, TV, but the real ins and outs of it are muddled and unclear. We know that Putin is putting pressure on Yanukovych, so far successfully, and that we in the EU don’t really know what to do. 305 more words