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Your Childs Education

I have to tell you, right up front that this post is strictly a commentary on my part. I belong to a Historical Fiction group on LinkedIn and yesterday during a history discussion the direction of the conversation turned and my mouth hit the floor (so to speak). 1,068 more words

The Greatest Documentaries of All Time - and how I've managed to miss a huge chunk of this genre of filmmaking!

If you’ve been following the BFI’s updates you’ve probably seen the Twitter vote results for Greatest documentaries. 


So now I’ve realised I am seriously behind in the documentaries that have been circling! 93 more words


Remaining Silent During America's Betrayal

Abraham Lincoln in his 1838 Lyceum address spoke of America’s betrayal in stating,”If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a… 469 more words


3D printing

OK so for my first post im going woth a weary popular topic just getting mor popular 3D printing.

So I have researched this topic for the last few days, and I will be covering both the revolutionary, history changing, earth sawing GOOD side of this and the life ending, earth shattering, life crushing DARK side of it (seriously this is of that grand scale a make us or brake us type of thing… Whel make, brake or make a robat army and take over the world and than brake us) 2,510 more words


Hard Times of Old England

Half of England is waiting on a phone call

to let them know that there’s room at the trough ,

the voice of their Masters telling them… 106 more words

Popular Culture


Divide & conquer,
creating a civil war within each person,
making everyone feel:
not good enough.

Media images targeting
the essence of one’s being. 54 more words