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Remembering A Chinese Liberal Hero

Twenty-five years ago yesterday, a senior Chinese politician named Hu Yaobang complained of dizziness at a meeting in Beijing, and asked to be excused. Moments later, he collapsed with a fatal heart attack. 26 more words


Revolution 9

The video is simply music, a piece composed by John Lennon that describes a revolution through sound, I think this is very interesting for several reasons. 255 more words

Easter 1914: Sleepwalking with lemonade and cream custard

On Good Friday 1914, London’s The Daily Telegraph carried the usual business and shipping news, followed by lengthy articles about cycling over the Easter holiday, “Hot Cross Buns: Fable and Fact”, “Fruit for Easter: Mostly Luxuries” (lamenting a lack of cheap fruit), the trial of a man accused of peddling a fraudulent cure for cancer, a report about the role of saints in the ongoing Mexican Revolution, and efforts made by the British government to install wireless communication in lighthouses.


Radio bemba


Four decades. Well, 4.5 decades. (April 16, 1967) That’s how long it’s been since my father has touched Cuban soil.

I have three dollars, in quarters, jingling and clanking against each other in a small silk change purse that a good friend from Shenzhen brought me from China. 724 more words


Conservatives: Wake Up And Smell The Blood!

Since the beginnings of the Animal Rights movement we have been beset by a lack of political sophistication and a tenuous grasp on our philosophical foundations. 464 more words

Animal Rights

Don't Get The Story Twisted

Every year, at this time, pastors, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, etc are preparing to share the Easter message. What a message it is! It is the single most monumental event in history. 543 more words


The Visit

Summary: recollection of the event leading to my family’s decision for my mother and I to leave Tehran.

The knock was no different than other knocks from other visitors.   1,021 more words

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