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Ink&Iron Heroic Fantasy

The Forest
of Fear
Are you
I am
Going In
Is Eating
In the
of Fear.
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When Fidel Castro Took Power: How TIME Covered the News

When Fidel Castro first ousted Fulgencio Batista at the turn of 1959, there weren’t many non-Cuban journalists there to see it happen — but TIME’s Bruce Henderson was there, and he was soon joined by Bernard Diederich, who would later cover the Caribbean for the magazine. 418 more words

People are like sheep.

Antonio Gramsci’s theory of Hegemony in explaining the ideological role of television.

In layman’s terms: people are sheep.

Karl Marx believed that once the subordinate classes recognised their oppression they would eventually raise up against the ruling class, however Antonio Gramsci a classical Marxist viewed this process differently; he believed that society was not only determined by the economy, as Marx did but also by thoughts and feelings as well, “man is not ruled by force alone, but also by ideas.” (Bates, 1975, p. 1,216 more words

Win First, Then Fight

You have to win the revolution first
The revolution must be won

You wear the dhoti because you won
You walk to the sea and gather salt because you won… 59 more words

For Revolution Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Capsules

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Did North Korea Unintentionally Starts The On Demand Revolution?

Disclaimer: This is purely speculation and opinion.

By now most should know that Sony Pictures has pulled The Interview from all theaters, but apparently there might still be hope for an On Demand option through the PS4 and other possible outlets. 900 more words