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Greece's Electoral Theodicy: The worst of all possible worlds

Those “whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” The Greek middle classes, who, with inimitable stupidity, voted for the multi-factional neo-communist party of Syriza, deserve their fate. 34 more words


Self-actualization requires the right dose of willpower, freedom and resources

Reaching excellence and maximum potential is a very challenging path to take on. Especially in the way society is build today. Most institutions do not make  299 more words

Personal Evolution

Greece Today: On Verge of Victory, Europe's Ascendant Left Declares 'Subservience is Over'

The election is happening as this is being posted. The Syriza party seems to be heading for victory. A preliminary Guardian article is underneath the first post. 1,526 more words


“The NOW Jeaneration”

With every revolution there comes its share of casualties. With the new evolution going on in real women’s lives, the wise trend-watcher will notice that the older sector of the market is either diminishing in numbers or stopping to spend for fear of their futures thanks to government-fed insecurities. 775 more words


With Leon Brittan gone, we’ll never know about the ‘child abuse dossier’

“The bond of trust that was broken when children who should have been cared for and protected were abused is not one that will be easily mended. 120 more words

Liars Vs Truthers

Greek Democracy - What Price ?

In an article on the ‪#‎BBC‬ website entitled ”Greek elections : Will anti-austerity party Syriza win?” I came across this :

”Greece has borrowed nearly €240bn (£185bn; $278bn) from the EU and IMF under a debt restructuring (bailout) plan. 272 more words