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Fight For Your Right (To Party)

Everyone who reads this blog and/or knows me in real life can tell I like to party. And, if you read this blog and/or know me in real life, you know that I have my own personal philosophies about partying. 904 more words

Real Thing to Fear

The more I read about the Ebola, the less I worry about it. But that doesn’t mean that we have nothing to fear.

West Nile Virus is also indigenous to Equatorial Africa, and has killed 14 people in California in 2014 (1,440 nationwide). 453 more words

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A Different Kind of Courage

Title: A Different Kind of Courage
Author: Sarah Holman
Date Started: September 27

Other Works by Author:
The Destiny of One
The Destiny of a Few… 455 more words

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David Barton’s Death near Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1775

According to the Barton family legend, my mother’s fourth great grandfather, David Barton, was on an expedition with Daniel Boone in Kentucky, in 1775. The party was ambushed near Harrodsburg by Indians who were led by a British officer. 1,434 more words


Sautje Tave's Begraven Ground

Hello everyone! It finally feels like Fall, the leaves are changing color and falling to the ground, it smells like pumpkins, leaves, and cinnamon. My favorite time of year! 703 more words

Remembering the women: Elizabeth Depui Brodhead

While, the men who served in the Revolutionary War are remembered with profound gratitude for their heroic sacrifices, it’s easy to forget that behind them stood an army of highly productive and devoted women: wives, sisters, grandmothers and daughters— 1,153 more words


Nicaragua: Zoológica Nacional and León

Our day trip to León was an exciting one. First off, we decided to check out the Zoológica Nacional, near where we were staying in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. 1,049 more words

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