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Whales in Popular Culture Part 2: Prove me wrong

It seems each week a whale film’s to be released 
a cetacean serendipitously beaches.

Take for instance 1986′s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
 when that November a teenage Sperm
 surfaced upon a sandbar off the coast of Bonavista, and croaked grosser than the Klingon
 who brought a chuHwl’ to the bat’leth match. 151 more words

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This will be my first review so please go easy on me~ :)

Did you ever wanted to have an epic visual novel that will show you the happy side and the sad side of life? 2,931 more words


Blog Post #2 Rewrite: Journal #2- Writing Strengths & Weaknesses

       I would say that my personal strongest persona out of the four discussed in class would have to be the madman. If there is a topic that I am interested in, the ideas flow very rapidly and fluently in my mind. 589 more words

"Noah," or "The Jonestown Massacre, the Prequel"

Stay or Go? Did you like Charlton Heston’s The Ten Commandments? Then you probably won’t like Russell Crowe’s Noah. Are you expecting at least the epic cinematic splendor that… 1,009 more words


Writers' Block

I like to pretend that writers’ block doesn’t exist. I say that we writers are so intelligent that we’ve designed out own disease. The honest truth is that something sure happened to me this week. 205 more words


In This Episode...

I have had a bit of a struggle with The Novel for the last week or so.  I’m nearing the End of the Middle (assuming it remains one book and doesn’t become three as I think it might) and it is getting hard to keep the story moving forward, and I haven’t had any idea why.  407 more words