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Writers' Block

I like to pretend that writers’ block doesn’t exist. I say that we writers are so intelligent that we’ve designed out own disease. The honest truth is that something sure happened to me this week. 205 more words


In This Episode...

I have had a bit of a struggle with The Novel for the last week or so.  I’m nearing the End of the Middle (assuming it remains one book and doesn’t become three as I think it might) and it is getting hard to keep the story moving forward, and I haven’t had any idea why.  407 more words


Fix It

The teacher hands back your paper and tells you to “fix it” or “fix the grammar.”  That’s it.  No other explanation.  What do you do?  First, ask the teacher what he or she wants you to do.   725 more words


angels have risen their wings red clapping
against the birth of the summer - postponed
they stood in the cloud of towers and misty mountains
holding skies apart with their voices
and there were no weapons in their hands

eyes half opened smearing the reality
of birds whirling blues on the skies 
in dawn looping the image i slept again

waking up in rage
and had dead presidents and war criminals in my head

it is just one of those days
when i walk mindfields 
and the most haunting are the steps
to memories 
i chose to replay of you

lernerblu, april 2014


across the skies of the airs and the planes and the lines of
sumerian gods and the fire covered stained blooded moon roads
i fail to witness but all the pavements and the bricks and the traffic steps
of silence in april snow morning flakes
i struggle counting
i struggle stopping

and bewaiting
the stillness of

lernerblu, april 2014

George Mowgli - 7.5 (Note)

Dear George Mowgli readers,

At this point in the progression of this narrative, I’m unhappy with the number 8 and beyond.  I’m going to let the 8th post, but will probably rework it and may not post further until I can revamp some things.  70 more words